It All Feels the Same

  • Posted on: June 22, 2013
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As a teenager, you’re often left with a feeling of longing and nostalgia in the summertime. When you sit around all day without having to worry about school, you’re left alone with your mind. Certain days, your mind can take you on a trip to your childhood when you’d put Princess stickers on every existing surface. Other days can lead to more solemn memories, like being home alone for the first time or moving away from everything you’ve ever known. The strangest memories you get in the summertime is when you imagine yourself in a different time and place. Some people wish they were a teenager in love living in the 1950s, while others long for the freedom of living in the 1970s. Nearly everyone I have ever known has had a recollection of these feelings, but in the end they accept who and what they are in the century they’re living in, because they’re happy. Together, Aja and I have put together a collection of photographs and a song to portray those nostalgic summer feelings that many people experience.

Models: Eden, Tessa


  1. Camila · June 22, 2013

    everything about this post is wonderful, the song is really nice and the pictures are stunning!

  2. Salina · June 23, 2013

    I absolutely love this!
    Please check out my websites, I’d love to do a collaboration with The Pulp Zine!
    Shoot me an email, you rock.

  3. fimmtudagur · June 23, 2013

    Absolutely perfect pictures!

  4. Elyssa · June 23, 2013

    Love it!! It’s perf.