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Ah, spring… the season for flower crowns, flirting, forgetting about school and of course, first love. Your first time feeling totally giddy and scared and excited and like you’re just going to burst with all these wild feelings is just one of those unforgettable experiences. We’re not just talking about people-love: true, many of us have been head-over-heels every other week, but others are still waiting for a true love to come along. Either way, we’ve definitely all felt inexplicably passionate about something. And sometimes, that overwhelming, bubbling-over feeling of elation can be described in just one word, or, in the case of tonight’s post, in a few sweet sentences. Happy or sad ending, human or inanimate, we’re here at the beginning of the season of love to share a bit about those somethings that have been marked with our innocent affections forever.

Cailie: I can only remember the sweetness of her dark-eyed gaze and fuzzy, golden ears. She came to me when I cried and sat quietly at my side, she licked my face which perpetuated endless fits of giggles, when she got sick I gave her intravenous fluids til the last day I would ever see her again. She was a good dog.

Brianna: Being a dorky-looking tween in the pre-Tumblr era (it was a tough life for kids in the 00s) meant being ignored and invisible, so how could I not fall passionately in love with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter? Those books are the most worn-in, well-loved things on my shelves. I may or may not still be waiting for my damn Hogwarts letter.

Kiara: I fell in love for the first time ever 4 years ago with a beautiful girl, and experienced my first heartbreak shortly after. We don’t talk at all anymore, but we had really good times together and I’m glad it happened.

Liz D: I fell in love with a boy who was only interested in playing soccer… Doomed to be friendzoned from the start.

Jessica: My first real celebrity crush was on Zach on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. He was such a bad boy, how would I resist?

Carina: To feel like a creation – that was made for someone to appreciate and gaze upon with such amazement – to be an object of wonder – every curve and line to be kissed and loved – like a work of art to be cherished – for once I have felt beautiful while bare.

Jules: I brush my nose so close to his buns. They’re toasty and they smell like sesame. I allow my lips to approach his meat. I take a bite. He’s a cheeseburger. I’m three years old. I have fallen in love with him.

Shelbie: I was twelve. His name was Brandon Flowers and I was positive I would marry the man (until I heard on the radio he married, and I was depressed for a month).

Audrey: Just a look was all it took, suddenly I’m on the hook. It’s magic.

B: I remember the first time I listened to Billy Talent. For a ten-year-old, I felt like a total alternative badass because I wasn’t listening to Fergie or The Pussycat Dolls like everyone else. My mom didn’t like that I was listening to them (she thought it was a bad influence) and I had to buy their album behind her back. But that album lead me to listen to more underground pop punk which eventually lead to my discovery of glam rock, indie, punk, electronica and the hundreds of alternative sub-genres that I can’t live without today (Grimes, anyone?). I still have a Billy Talent poster in my room.

Rosalind: When I was about five I followed Alice Through the Looking Glass, and never entirely returned. I fell in love with the madness of that world and its characters, which, even now, sometimes seems to make more sense than this one.

Elizabeth: One time an 8-year-old girl fell in love with a boy and told her best friend and her best friend told another girl and so on until one day on the playground the girls were all sitting on top of the playground and one decided to scream out to this boy that the girl loved him. Then the girl who loved the boy pushed the other girl off the playground and was pulled down and they both had scraped knees. True story, I would know.

Lucy: I found first love through a character. My love was a fictional one. I felt gaping, electric, gnawing inside, always reaching out, pulling in–pulling at nothing. How do you know when you don’t know? You feel it somehow. Now when it stirs up, I know I got it right.

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April 8, 2013


You gals are amazing and I am already falling in love with this new site!
CONGRATS and keep being uber fab! ♡♡♡♡♀

This is off to a fantastic start! Super excited to see what else you ladies get up to!

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