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Living with your BFF can be one of the most beautiful, freeing experiences in your life. BUT if you aren’t careful with your personal “rules” it can turn into a place that you dread so much that your heart sinks the moment you turn the key.We’ve both lived in quite a few different living situations, currently we’re in a dream apartment in the middle of the woods. It’s just the two of us and our little baby dog so it works out well. We really never can complain about anything either does because we’ve been ‘roommates’ since birth, give or take a few years separated. Not everyone will be lucky enough to live with someone who literally knows your every flaw and accepts ALL of them so hopefully this post will let you in on some of the do’s and don’ts of future living situations and  also make sure your best friend stays your best friend forever.

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some scenes from our current living sitch

DO: Enjoy this super special time with your friend(s)! It may not be a permanent situation and there’s nothing more fun than waking up and walking to the neighborhood diner to play cards and eat eggs after a long night of Chatroulette and trouble-making.

DON’T: Stress over the small things. If last night went awry, make sure you guys venture to the diner (STILL! Breakfast is important!) and, even if it’s kinda uncomfortable, talk it out! There’s nothing worse than an awkward day of avoidance and worry when you know you’re sharing a close space.

DO: Make your roomies aware of the places you deem “private” in the apartment. Whether it be your room (duh to you, but maybe not everyone else) or a specific shelf in the bathroom mirror or whatever, if it’s important to you, let that be known! This can mean any level of privacy from “please ask before using” all the way up to “please don’t ever touch!!!!” Your friends will respect your wishes if you make them completely apparent. NOTE: Post-it notes can be useful, but talking about it ensures that there are no misinterpretations of your tone!

DON’T: Assume your BFF can read your mind! Sure, you’ve known each other for a billion years and maybe they have a half of one of those Best Friends Forever heart necklaces, but that doesn’t mean they know you don’t want them using your special color care conditioner or running into your room to borrow your snazziest little black dress without asking to look babe-ly on a date night! If it’s something that irks you, let them know ahead of time and they will (hopefully) always ask in the future!

DO: Decorate your common spaces together and display some of the sweet mementos of your friendship proudly. A living space quickly grows into a treasure trove of love when you can let loose and create together! As sisters, we share a lot of aesthetic tastes, so from day one, we began displaying our vast array of vintage collections and oddities in our adorable living room and kitchen (and even in the bathroom! Tropical bird shower curtain, anyone?). There’s nothing more fun than taking a trip to Goodwill or finding a rad estate sale for interior decorating trinkets! Who wants the same IKEA lamp you see in every college dorm anyways?

DON’T: Be secretive and weird about anything. I feel like all of our “don’ts” go back to talking about things with your roommate probably because I can’t EXPRESS how important it really is to communicate with them! One of the most beautiful places one of us lived in got weird fast because of HER lack of communication with her best friends. So keep that in mind!

cute memories from past nyc apartments

Maybe you’ve been sitting there nodding in fervent agreement, or you’re taking mental notes for the future. On the other hand, you might in a totally opposite situation: moving in with a stranger, or suddenly living alone when your siblings move out. Both of us have lived with strangers as well as (basically) completely alone, and while both situations can be weird and scary, they can also be maturity-inducing and even *GASP* fun!

If you’re like most college goers, you’re going to move in with someone you’ve never ever met before in your entire life, a completely nerve-wracking anxiety on top of all the other sudden changes college brings. Here’s our advice when/if you find yourself freaking out about roommates that aren’t necessarily friends: TALK ABOUT THINGS. You don’t need to impress him/her, you just need to feel comfortable in your living space. RA’s and counselors or whoever suggest drawing up a “contract” with dormmates, and while this may seem super weird or totally neurotic, believe me, you will both be better off for it. You don’t need to hang it up and follow it to the letter; the important thing is airing your biggest peeves and setting guidelines about the things that would drive you absolutely insane before it actually happens. And this isn’t the time to be shy or elusive. PUT IT OUT THERE, or you’ll be upset later. And be considerate and nonjudgmental, since that’s a good life practice and you might as well begin right now if you haven’t already.

Living alone is a whole ‘nother topic, and a lot of things factor into your ability to live alone well, like whether you’ll have a pet companion, your general personality type, your mental health history, your access to technology, your frequency of seeing other people… really, this list can go on and on all night. Regardless of the various circumstances, you may wind up living alone. Natural social butterflies get lonely fast, and should invite pals over often! Or if that’s not possible, make friends in the area and set up picnics or dance nights! If you’re the kinda person to thrive with alone time, my advice would be to not isolate yourself. Living alone makes it easy to withdraw from the world, and as appealing as that may seem at times, it’s generally very detrimental to a human’s wellbeing. You don’t want to get stuck in yourself and forget about the rest of the world, so make an effort to go out and say a few words to people everyday, even if it’s just to the clerk at CVS!

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April 30, 2013


relevant, as I’m starting at college in August. thanks guys 🙂 p.s. your fuckin apartment(s) look(s) so RAD!

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