I never give relationship advice without being asked first. Although I am always giving advice to my friends. As soon I heard the theme for this month I knew what I wanted to write about. This is not only inspired by what I’ve been through but what my friends have been through. Enjoy!

1: Consult a Trusted Adult

Assuming you’re at that weird age (18-20) because you’re not really an adult until you’re 21. Also dating someone 4 years older under the age of 17 is non- negotiable and also very illegal. That being said talk to a trusted adult before dating someone older. Peferably someone the same age as the person you’re interested in. Ask questions like : ” What do you think about me doing this?” And ” What if your friend was dating someone this age how would you feel? ” Both questions not only give you a personal perspective but and outside one too. What they think of you doing it and what they think of them doing it. Ask multiple people to get different perspectives. Not saying you have to listen but please take it into consideration.
2: Be Childish

It’s OK to be immature because you are. I don’t care if you have a house and pay for college out of pocket. You aren’t at the same mental capacity as someone who is 5-10 years older. That’s not only science but that’s completely OK too! If you’re dating someone that old they should expect it. Don’t tone it down for anyone. I like the color pink , watching Lizzie McGuire, and spending majority of my money on candy. None of that changes for anyone.
3: Stay Focused

For me, relationships are like a fun super friendship. Just like any other relationship make sure you maintain responsibilities. Just because you are with someone doesn’t mean the world suddenly stops. Anyone that suggests something different is unhealthy for you. Also asses your personal life too. See if have not only have the time but energy for someone else.
4: Be Yourself

I’m sure this is the most simple advice someone can give you. I personally hate being told to “be myself” because I assume it’s implying that I’m trying not to be. Although I know a lot of people (including myself) who act completely different around the person they like. We all want to impress the person we like. Although in all honesty if they don’t like you for you then what’s the point? Trust me, the best people you’ll ever like are people you can be 100% yourself around. The people who never try to change you . That’s some good dating advice for whoever you’re dating , no matter the age.

December 16, 2015