photo by Justine
photo by Justine

It’s that time of year again.

Your days are now being spent buying books instead of lounging poolside and you’re finding yourself shuddering every morning when you wake up to the shrill sound of your alarm. Summer is on its way out, school is on its way in and, let’s face it; no one’s ready for summer to be over. I’m sure we’re all dying to do something fun in order to properly kiss the glorious summer goodbye before we hit the books, but I’m also sure we’ve all done some pretty reckless spending these past few months (you’re looking at the girl who spent all her money on concerts, bubble tea, records and piercings… Money well wasted!).

I decided that this shouldn’t stop me from going on an adventure anyways, especially when I can’t afford a big-budget vacation to some exotic locale, so I put together a step-by-step guide on how to have a cheap (or entirely free!) adventure for one last summer fling. Originally, I was going to challenge myself with different budgets for different trips, document them and share my experiences with you but I’ve since decided that I’d rather leave it up to you to take on the challenge for yourselves and live your own experiences! Here’s how I did it:


Step One: Choose a place you want to visit.

It can be your favourite place, a place you’ve never been to, an area you want to explore more, no particular place at all, wherever you want! This works best if it’s reasonably close to home, but you’d be surprised at the different sights there are to see nearby (even in Suburbia)!


Step Two: Choose your method of transportation.

My preferred way to go on these little adventures is by bike, but you can also take the bus (just bring change for bus fare), grab your board, lace up your rollerblades/skates, hop in your parent’s car (sans parents, of course), your choice!


Step Three: Decide what you’ll do when you arrive.

You don’t have to plan every detail; you can keep it completely spontaneous, but if you’re stumped for ideas, check out some of the cool artsy events going on in your area! There are probably a handful of festivals to check out that you’ve never even heard about (I just discovered a yearly music fest in Montreal called Picnic Eletronique; sounds crazy, right?). Another option would be to bring your favourite book, your camera, sketchbook, etc. along with you. Bring food if you’re going to get hungry, so you won’t have to buy food once there and bring lots of water (heat sickness is so not kawaii)!


Step Four: Choose who you want to go with you.

Be it your best friend, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your crush, your sibling, or just the simple companionship of your iPod. Going by yourself can be tons of fun, too. I usually go on these alone, and still have a great time.


Step Five: Take it all in, and have fun!

Take in all the little things, keep an eye out for some unusual sights, make new discoveries, completely lose track of the time, and make great memories! Enjoy the last fleeting moments of summer, and I definitely want to hear about all the rad adventures you’ll have!


-Bee xo

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August 29, 2013