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So you’ve got the itch, aye? Little voices in your head that beg repetition of silly catch phrases along the lines of, “..idle hands are devil’s play..” Creation burrows deep in your bones like a furious cancer, raging for an external outlet. Well, when it wants to anyway. Let’s face it. In the great words of one of my favorite bands from when I was thirteen – art is hard. It’s not all papier-mâché butterflies and charcoal rainbows in the real world. Realistically, how do you make a name for yourself in today’s realm? With social media hanging pieces out to dry like laundry, how could you not get lost the scrolling sea of other watercolor botany upon Tumblr dashboards’ galore? It’s pretty fucking intimidating. But when the world threatens to drown your work, you’ve got to throw some glitter on it honey and go dancing.

I will be completely honest in stating that there aren’t any step by step youTube tutorials that will lay it out for you. Even professors of higher education will usually fail to lead you down the proper paths. That’s why you must be proactive and you must be persistent. While modern society is practically run by guerilla warfare of imagery, no fear should be held amongst stepping onto the battle grounds. You might post photographs of your endeavors to Facebook albums, but who’s to say you couldn’t create a whole Facebook page?

While technology is making things a lot more readily available to broader audiences, it is making things a lot easier for you as an innovative creator.  I highly suggest finding every general source of social media out there, and using it to catalogue your work in some way, shape, or form. Flickr accounts, Deviant Art, CarbonMade, JPG, …every last one. When someone Googles your name, bang: a flowing list of archived material. However, it’s actually not so difficult to put yourself out there in the real world, too. With those very social outlets, now branded with your name and glowing with fans (probably your mom and cat, but none the less, fans) you have created a trademark. Confidence can be transported through those likes and used to channel inertia. Use those pages to contact local book stores, coffee shops, galleries, anyone. Everyone. The whole town and tristate area. Chances are they have Facebook pages and groups too. Chances are they could use some fresh illustrations that will permit their customers to linger just the slightest bit longer. Create a little template of an e-mail to send out to people, complete with your flowing list of websites marqueed with your body of work. While the anxious and obsessive checking your e-mail will be tedious for days to come, the glorious moment when Dippin Doug’s Donuts gets back to you will be glorious.

And it really takes off from there. As a curator in the art realm for nearly five years, I have met my share of phenomenal creators that simply get lost in translation and fear – only for magnificent pieces to stay buried beneath records and clothing in messy bedrooms. More than ever, we live in a realm where technology has perverted nearly all forms of imagery. But when it comes down to it, you’ve just got to kick ass and chew bubble gum. When utilized effectively, technology proves that it ain’t so terrifying to make a name for yourself.

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April 19, 2013


Hi girls!!! As the tittle of this post says “how to get your name out” I’m trying to do the same.
I am and aspiring photographer who moved just 3 months ago from a small town in Chile to live in Virginia, United States. I’m not going to lie that is been a little difficult to start from zero, because, let’s face it, I don’t know anybody here!!!!
Well, my passion for the arts starts here with my little blog of pictures that I took/collected in Chile and now in USA. And thanks to that I’ve met interested people. Go and check some of my pictures!

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