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So I hope you all noticed that it is October! Because October is really important. But like REALLY. Because Halloween, duh. Well, I am actually from Belgium and we, sadly enough, don’t have the tradition of trick and treating and or celebrating anything. The indigenous people here are essentially not into -ew- candy -ew- spooky stuff -ew- happiness. But me and my friends are rebels and we celebrate the hallowed Eve. And we are also really strict about costumes. The rule is no costume, no party. So I can call myself a cheap last-minute Halloween costume diy-er pro. So today I have a post about cheap Halloween costumes for you guys. Let’s start!

idea n°1: A cat


This is how I am going this year! Because cats are amazing animals and it is just a really easy costume. Just wear a cute white collared shirt or a simple cotton crop top and a black (preferably a velvet one) skater skirt and team it up with some winged eyeliner and draw whiskers and a cat nose on your face. Craft a pair of cat ears (just glue some pipe cleaner ears on a diadem and look meowtastic (silly pun, my bad). Oh, and I just added the pink polaroid because it is so cute and I want it and because Halloween is a great event to take pretty pictures.

idea n°2: one of the greasers from The Outsiders


The Outsiders by S.E Hinton (and the movie) is one of my favorite books ever and what is a better way to express your love for Ponyboy and Johnnycake than dress like them for Halloween. And you will have the best costume, because who doesn’t love the 50s badass gang leader look? You will probably already have a pair of jeans (mom jeans or skinny jeans would be the best kind of model, but any kind of pair would be good) and a white shirt tee. Pair this up with a jeans or leather jacket and put tons of grease in your hair (or do a pompadour if your hair is too long) and you are ready to jump those Soc’s.

Idea n°3: Cher Horowitz

cher horowitz

Ah, Clueless. I swear, no one is cooler than Cher Horowitz, so she would make a perfect costume! You basically just imitate Cher’s teen queen perfect prep school style! I would just look for a tartan skirt (you can find these for almost nothing at the thrift shop or maybe you still have one from your old school uniform) and find an old blazer in your parents wardrobe. Also knee socks are really important for this look. I guess you could wear every shoe under this costume (barring crocs) but patent leather would be best option I think. Accessorize with pink bubblegum, a fluffy pen, a cute boyfriend and a sassy attitude.

idea n°4: Pippi Longstocking


Continuing in the sassy girl trend: Pippi Longstocking! Just think many layers, patterns, green/pink/yellow combos. Dungarees look really cute and are literally the most comfortable garments ever (I have been living in mine since I first got them last July). To get Pippi’s pigtails you could braid some pipe-cleaners in your hair. And the most important thing is to sport two different socks (seriously, you are not Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump without different socks). Bonus points if you carry a stuffed monkey on your shoulder in lieu of Mr Nilsson.

I hope you like these and have loads of inspiration right now. And a happy early Halloween!


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October 4, 2013


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