ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunday, June 12, 2016 // In light of recent events I would like to state that this playlist might feel slightly inappropriate, as I know many are either grieving or in fear right now. I want to use this post of mine to either open a forum for discussion about the crime in Orlando which is being called both an act of hate (against the LGBTQIA+ community) and an act of terrorism (reportedly by the FBI). I want to take this as my chance to let you beautiful readers know that this is meant to be a safe space, and that you are welcome to talk to us any time you like – though response time for our main TPZ accounts might be questionable. I am currently on all social media platforms, and will also be opening my email for anyone who might feel they need someone to talk to today, tomorrow, or any day in the future. (If you want to do the same for other readers, you can also leave your links and info in a comment and I’ll publish it.) Please feel free to discuss your feelings, concerns, thoughts, and anything else you might have to say surrounding or related to the devastating news many woke up to this morning below. Stay safe and please know that you are all loved. My information will be at the very bottom.

Welcome to June, Pulp Cuties! I’m so excited to be bringing you the first Sunday Playlist of the summer. This includes tracks from Christina Grimmie, Zayn Malik, Zendaya, and more! With the recent passing of the lovely and talented Christina Grimmie, I’d like to dedicate this playlist to her memory and to the memory of all the other young people who have been taken from this earth well before their time. Being so close in age to her has me wondering if I’m living my life the way I should be – am I having enough fun, making enough memories? – because this shows how at any moment a life can be cut short. So press play and spend your day doing something unforgettable!

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June 12, 2016