Love? Confetti Monster!

Name: Jaclyn DuBois Lockhart

Age: 25

Location: Florida

I’m one of those people that obsessively posts on Instagram, and you either love it or hate it.  A lot of my posts are screenshots of books I love, or funny tumblr posts or whatever I can get my little hands on. I don’t really like to follow people I actually know on Instagram just because it’s fun to have an intimate look at how my favorite authors, actresses, fashion designers, and models live. Basically, I would not follow myself if I was not… myself. I’m a visual person, so I have a field day following some extraordinary artists and fashion designers.  One day I noticed I had a bunch of “likes” from someone named the Confetti Monster.  A few comments turned into conversations and the “likes” increased, so I checked out her page (feeling bad that I was not following her, isn’t social media funny?). Low and behold, she is a fabulous artist specializing in all things adorable.  There was no “guilt follow back;” I was all on the confetti train! It was not a shock to my friends or family that I turned to Love, Confetti Monster (Jaclyn) for gifts this year around Christmas!  A) I love supporting independent artists, and B) she is so patient and kind!  I was able to customize little pieces exactly to my friend’s and family’s interests. With cute quotes like, “Every moment is MAGIC,”  and calling people “baby cakes,” I was intrigued as to who is the Confetti Monster? Who is Jaclyn? It’s not like Jaclyn does not have a following; over 4,000 people observe her work on Instagram and her ever-growing Etsy account, proves quality work brings people back for more.





Montgomery: Where does the name “Confetti Monster” come from?

Confetti Monster: Monsters and ghosts are beings that are close to my heart.  I think monsters represent me—and most people, really—very well, because monsters are often misunderstood and can even be lovely on the inside, despite their frightening or hideous appearances.  The confetti part comes from my love of celebration; as a Confetti Monster, I reserve the right to spread confetti (and glitter, of course, duh) as I please—after all, why can’t every moment be magic?


M: What inspires you?

CM: EVERYTHING.  My mind is constantly at work and I’m constantly jotting down or texting myself ideas.  Inspiration is everywhere—your mind just has to be open to turning the mundane into something spectacular, something that makes people stop and stare and admire.  You also have to be okay with failure, but I think that can be inspiring, too.

M: Where can people find your work?

CM: and on Instagram @confettimonster

M: Did you go to school to study art or is it something you picked up?

CM: My grandmother was one of the most talented artists I’ve ever known, so I think it’s just in my veins.  I’m driven by the idea of creation and productivity, that as long as I’m making something—whether it be through drawing or painting or writing or decorating or experimenting or experiencing—then I’m content.

M: How old were you when you started playing with paintings/drawings/what not?

CM: I’ve been drawing and making for as long as I can remember.  In elementary school, my friends and I had a pretend company we called Pocketbook Books, and we actually made lots of little handmade illustrated books.  In fact, my sister recently uncovered the treasure that is “Puppy World”, a ridiculous creation of my fourth-grade mind, complete with pop-outs and, I’m proud to say, immaculate grammar.

M: What is your favorite medium? 

CM: I think I’m best at drawing and sketching.  Painting doesn’t come as easily to me, but I think it makes most of my pieces better through color.

M: Do you believe in magic?

CM: Fuck yes. (if this is too profane, I can say “Hell yes” or “Heck yes” c:)

M: Haha, not at all!  You are an artist! Say what you mean :)(:

M: Favorite pieces to create?

CM: Currently, I’m obsessed with creating pet portraits for friends and family and as commissions through my Etsy site.  But other subjects that I tend to come back to time and time again include gnomes, cacti, bunnies, bears, ghosts, monsters, unicorns, and my original creation and baby, the Beasticorn.  Oh, and Wes Anderson-inspired pieces, too.


M: Does any specific artist inspire your work?

CM: One of my favorite artists of all time is Frida Kahlo.  While I don’t specifically ever try to imitate her artwork, I’m inspired by the way she changed art forever by showing the world that the most relatable beauty isn’t conventional or obvious, but real and passionate.

M: I love how personal you make your pieces! Do you have any modern artists or Etsy friends that are worth checking out?

CM: I really adore Ginette Lapalme and find her colorful work very inspiring.  Some of my fabulous and talented friends on Etsy (do you have time to hear them all?) include Anna Jane Searle of Annarack, Trine Standerholen of TinyOx, Lee Anna H. of TheAlbinoHare, Tana of MerBulltique, Chuck Chunk of SpiritKiddd, Alexa Garza of SleepingPixies, Debbie Tan of DeeDeeTanTan, and darling Mary England of UncustomaryArt.

Lightning round!

M: Favorite movies?

CM: Moonrise Kingdom and Garden State, because they both altered my way of living in some way.  And of course anything Wes Anderson will do quite nicely.

M:  Favorite books?

CM: Anything by my favorite author, Francesca Lia Block.

M: Favorite vacation?

CM: Anywhere I’m out with my family and/or friends is good with me because we have a tendency of turning any situation into an adventure.

M: Color?

CM: Turquoise

M: If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

CM: Watermelon.  Because watermelon-flavored anything is rad and freaking delicious.

M: Favorite candy?

CM: OMG this is such a hard question, because candy is literally the foundation of my food pyramid. A current obsession, however, is Jaw Busters, which are basically small one-colored jawbreakers.  So good!

I know our readers already love you!  You are a Pulp Babe for sure. <3 Thanks so much to Jaclyn for being so accommodating. I love my tiny portraits and I’m working with Jaclyn (aka saying what colors I like and changing my mind every two seconds) on more.  She has worked with me every step of the way!  Do you have a favorite artist that you think is underrated?  Want me to interview them?  Email us at!

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January 6, 2014


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