Straight out of Atlanta Georgia, The Scraps are bringing their own electric take on classic pop punk to the masses. It’s so strangely rad, I’ve never come across music that makes me feel happy go lucky AND want to go all out in a sweaty mosh pit at the same time! Their music is care free and has the best hooks and riffs I’ve heard in a long time. I personally get a Hole meets Sum 41 feel from them and I AM OBSESSED! The Scraps are definitely someone to keep your eyes on, I KNOW their fanbase will continue to grow! With their debut album “Cut It Out” now available, we can all enjoy their tunes on the go! I got to talk to them about everything and ANYTHING in this interview. Not only are their tunes kick ass, they’re the nicest, funniest people. Which makes them so much better. Enjoy!

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IMG_1577It’s so cool to be able to talk to you! Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi! We are The Scraps from Atlanta – Ian, Ty, Gage and Livvie.

When/how did your musical journey first begin? Gage and Ty go to school together and Ian and Livvie were in a band when they were younger. Hoffdog wanted to play guitar but he never responded to the group message so we went with Ty.

And the rest is history, haha! So, I LOVE your sound. Who are some musical inspiration for you guys? Ty Segall, The Pixies, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, The Orwells and Outkast!

How often are you writing new songs? How would you describe your creative process?

We wrote a bunch of songs over the summer and we’re now recording them! Ian or Ty write the chords and then they jam to them. Livvie then records them on her phone and later tries to write lyrics to them.IMG_1580

With having a rocking, bad ass female vocalist, do you find yourselves dealing with people  judging the band before they even hear your tunes? One time we played a gig and the bassist of one of the other bands playing told me he thought we were gonna suck because we have a girl singer. And then Livvie showed him wrong in the mosh pit!

You go girl! OK, so I gotta say, I love “Get out Of My Head”!  I know it was one of the first songs out before the album. What’s the crowd reaction to that song? People started singing along to it after we released it and now they jump so I guess we’re pop punk.

Aw, nothing wrong with that! Pop punk is great! What’s your favorite venue you’ve performed at? We play at this local venue called His Rock and its always fun cause all our friends come and everyone has a great time.

I’ve never been, but I wanna know, how do you feel the Atlanta music scene is right now? It’s getting better, there is less pop-punk and pop influenced bands now so that’s cool. It’s pretty diverse, there’s a lot of different crowds so you never really know what’s gonna come out of it!


What are some go-to tunes for you guys right now? I (Livvie) have been listening to Tame Impala by Sunflower Bean.  It’s a mix of punk and psych and they’re just really great at writing. I’ve been listening to David Bowie a lot too. Ian has been listening to Fuzz, Mikal Cronin, and Weatherbox. Ty has been listening to GG Allin, Misfits, and Mac Demarco. Gage has been listening to D.R.I., Rudimentary Peni, and Christian Death.

What can we expect during these next few months from The Scraps? Ty’s next haircut and our new album we just released!


Thanks so much to The Scraps for talking to me and giving us a behind the scenes look! They’re definitely musicians to watch and if you’re anywhere in the Atlanta area, go check them out! Their music sends a rush of energy though you, so I can’t imagine how AMAZING the live shows are.  I’ll live vicariously though you! To keep updated on all things Scraps check ’em out!

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March 18, 2015


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