illustration by Justine
illustration by Justine

The Aquadolls: a band that reminds us of times we weren’t alive to experience but appreciate nonetheless. I spoke to front woman Mel, super rad babe, lover of gummy bears, 1950’s music, and modern feminists.

Image from The Aquadolls' tumblr
Image from The Aquadolls’ tumblr

TPZ: Hey The Aquadolls! So I first heard of you guys from the tumblr, many of my favorite blogs reblogged your photos and posts! Do you find you have a strong internet presence? How does that help you spread your name and image around?

Mel: I feel that we got a lot of our fans from using our internet sources! I spread the link to our Facebook page around tumblr, and got a lot of fans that way. It’s crazy how the computer is taking over the music scene; otherwise I don’t even know how people would have found our music! The interweb rules.

TPZ: Who exactly are The Aquadolls? Like names and ages! Even a little background on you all would be stellar~

Mel: Well, hello there! I’m Melissa Brooks, I just turned 19, and I sing and play guitar in the band. I enjoy long walks on the beach and baking and dancing. Ryan Frailich is our guitar player. He just turned 21. He has amazing, curly hair, and likes the band Foxygen. Josh Crawford is our amazing bassist. He is 20 years old, and likes to play Pokémon Stadium, and he’s really good at it and will dominate you. I know cuz I always lose to him (maybe I just suck at video games though). Last but certainly not least, Colin Moore is our drummer. He’s brunette, thin, 20 years young and a dapper young fellow. He’s got the business mind and drives us around. Colin rules.

Image from The Aquadolls' tumblr
Image from The Aquadolls’ tumblr

TPZ: Who are your major influences? What would you describe your music as? (P.s. I’m totally rocking to “I’m Your Burger Dream Girl”, one of my favs!)

Mel: My major influences are kind of all over the place! 1950’s doowoop and malt-shop-type music really inspires me. I grew up on oldies, and I think that’s where I find a lot of my inspiration from. Artists like Connie Francis, The Chiffons, Brenda Lee, and The Ronettes are dear to my heart. As far as modern artists, I love the girl-punk attitude of Vivian Girls and Bikini Kill. Christopher Owens’ band GIRLS (that just broke up and I am so sad but his solo work is amazing too) makes me cry, and I like taking pieces apart of his songs and making them my own. I also love the beach-iness of Best Coast and Wavves. Funny you mention “I’m Your Burger Dream Girl”, I made that song for fun for BURGER RECORDS and used a drum machine app on my iPhone to drum to it hahah.

TPZ: So rad! You guys are much different (and better) than many main stream bands and you are doing something many groups have not done since have not done since the 80’s and 90’s and that is selling cassettes are your website! What inspired that? Do the 80’s/90’s inspire you?

Mel: Wow, thank you!!! I never planned to sell cassettes, that’s BURGER RECORDS’S thing! I just went with it, and people dig it! I even have started a pretty sweet tape collection since being in touch with Burger I do know that most people don’t have tape players though, so I hand make CDs too. Soon, I’ll look into getting them professionally made for our new LP~ I think the 80s was the butthole of rock music, I’m much more into the 50s-60s bubblegum pop and psychedelic era than Bon Jovi or anything. I love the 90s. The riot-grrl movement was really into kick then, and feminism is something really important to me and the music I write. If it weren’t for pioneers like Kathleen Hanna, and modern feminists like Tavi for ROOKIE MAG, young women would continue to be shamed. Equal rights are something I really push for, and the 90s had a lot to do with that whole movement. Also, the 90s had really great cartoons and Nirvana.

TPZ: I know you are centered out of L.A. but what about visiting states like…I dunno, Michigan (where I am:) or any other states? Do you have plans to tour?

Mel: We are in the works of planning a summer tour, so maybe we can come out there very soon! We’ll see.

Image from The Aquadolls' tumblr
Image from The Aquadolls’ tumblr

TPZ: What are some upcoming shows in L.A. or anywhere that you have planned?

Mel: Our next shows are April 26th at Pehrspace in LA, April 27th at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in LA, day 2 of 3-D Music Festival in downtown LA! I’m sure we will have more in between that are still TBA!

TPZ: Thank you so much! P.S. What is your favorite candy? What was the last movie you all saw together? Is there anything super secret you can tell us about The Aquadolls? like your favorite hang out spot, any big news, or new songs coming out?

Mel: My favorite candy is the blood of children blended together with chocolate. Just kidding, I really like gummy bears. The last movie I remembered we all watched together was Holy Mountain, trippiest movie EVER. You should watch it. A great secret is that yes, all of our hair is natural. Favorite hangout spot is diffidently out in nature, either at the beach, or El Dorado park setting up tents. We are also in the works of finishing up our first LP “Stoked on You” in the studio right now, which should be out sometime in June!

TPZ: thanks guys!

Mel: Thank you! Rock onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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Now you know this super stellar band a little better, go check out their music! :)(:

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May 6, 2013


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