King Tuff, an energetic Subpop recording artist is the object of affection of record store trolls and pink haired girls alike. You can’t ignore his lit up eyes and his smile jewelled with gold teeth. His jocularity and charm can fill up an entire room and here at Pulp Zine, we absoulutley adore him!Last year in October I saw King Tuff open for Wavves with the Jaccuzzi Boys and I had a great time! I even got to meet Tuff, he told me he liked my hair, we kissed cheeks and took selfies, trust me I still gush!  Now I have the privellege to ask this wizard of rock and roll a few questions for all of you Pulp Babes!

art by Luna
art by Luna
1. What’s your favorite snack to eat when you’re alone and stoned?
I mostly like to drink coffee and watch the birds out my window.
2. What muscians or bands inspire you to make your music?
Mostly my friends. White Fang, Gap Dream, Bobby Harlow, and The Beatles.
3. Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
Well I would say Nirvana now but when I was 10 it was Pearl Jam all the way!
4. What was the first concert you’ve ever been to?
My Dad took me and my brother to see Corrosion of Conformity when I was like 12. Dude in the pit was swinging a fucking CHAIN.
5. Do you ever get nervous before you do a show?
Maybe if it’s a big show or I haven’t played in awhile. My hands shake uncontrollably and I need to eat lots of candy and drink coffee to calm myself.
6. Which bands do you hope to tour with?
7. What was the first record you bought?
I bought a Jimi Hendrix cassette and it was the first time I heard the stereo effect clearly on headphones and my mind was forever warped.
8.What’s your favorite scary movie?
I like 80’s horror movies cuz they’re also comedic and usually have lots of nudity. All the Night of the Living Deads and all the Nightmare on Elm Streets.
9. What’s the craziest thing that happened on tour?
Well I’d get in trouble if I told that story, but lets just say it involved a finger.
10. Which is smells worst: gym socks or old bong water?
They both smell good to me.
11. What inspires your songwriting and your aesthetic?
I’m kinda all over the place in my songwriting, sometimes its heavy metal and other times it Elizabeth Cotton. My aesthetic is a culmination of all the different styles I’ve played around with over the years.
12. What’s an average day in the life of King Tuff like?
Wake up and lay in bed for at least an hour trying to figure out why I have to get out of bed and then I remember that I get to drink delicious coffee if I get out of bed so I go make the coffee then I sit at my desk and draw some weird pictures or write some lyrics about living in a cave in the middle of the woods and then I drive around and pig out on whatever I can find then I drink more coffee and then me and my gf go out to a fancy restaurant and drink wine and eat steaks and I laugh about how much I look like a forest troll compared to everyone else.
13. What do you look for in a Queen Tuff?
Curves and a sense of humor.
14. Three things you can’t live without?
Guitars, Bass, Drums!!!

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March 5, 2014


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