Recently, I took up yoga (just in my family room on a yoga mat) and have since come to appreciate silence, as well as calming songs. I love being able to moderate my moods and my breathing with tranquil tunes. One of the bands on my yoga playlist is Belle Mare. Their songs create an almost euphoric atmosphere that I can easily imagine on a movie soundtrack. Perhaps the quintessential scene after the boy and girl separate and have come to the realization that they were meant to be… or something like that. Enjoy getting to know this pretty chill duo and get down with them before they blow up.

The Pulp Zine: So when London and Brooklyn meet, we get magic; is that what you are trying to prove? (: Golly, gee I love your music! Tell our super fab readers the story of how Belle Mare came to be!

Amelia: Thank you! Thom saw me preforming at an open mic night in Brooklyn and after that we decided to make music together. At the time I was writing a lot of new songs but didn’t know how to take them further, so I called on Thom to help me develop them and we ended up creating a whole EP without really planning to.

TPZ: What is your writing process like?

Amelia: Some of the songs I write at home on the guitar and then bring to Thom to help round them out. Other times, Thom will play a riff on the guitar and I’ll try to hum a melody along. Those melodies turn into nonsense lyrics and sounds, which then turn into actual lyrics.

TPZ: How long does it traditionally take you to write a song?  Did it take long to write your entire ep?!

Amelia: It can take as long as a night in my bedroom to a few weeks of picking the guitar up and putting it down. I can be pretty good about writing a tune that I really love, then never finishing it.

TPZ: Will you guys be touring soon?

Amelia: We have no set plans as of now but we would really love to this year!

TPZ: Can I just say how rad that on your Facebook, you are described as “Belle Mare is a twist of old-time chanteuse, adorned with glinted pianos, and spacious textures.”  What music/era influences you?

Amelia: Haha, Thom wrote that! I keep telling him he should write for blogs. I would say that all eras I’ve ever listened to influence me to an extent. I try to dissect what I love about my favorite songs and channel it through my music in my own way. But most of the time, that just happens subconsciously. My voice can sound slightly old-fashioned without me really trying to. But when I came up with the idea for the project I knew I wanted it to have futuristic elements, hence the spacious textures that Thom so cleverly crafted.
Thomas: Thanks Amelia!! The only writing I do these days are lofty to-do lists. The 50’s have always been a really influential time for me – more so in film and architecture than music though.

TPZ: Amelia, how different is music in England compared to music in the U.S.?  What made you move here?

Amelia: I couldn’t really tell you how music is different over there. I’m sure there are a lot of local up and coming bands and scenes in the UK that I’ve never heard of because I haven’t lived there in ages. I do feel like a lot of music sort of lies online now and isn’t tied to a particular country. Thanks to an abundance of music blogs out there it’s so much easier to hear what’s popular in the UK or anywhere else these days. I moved to New York to go to university, but I’ve also lived in the US at different points in my life—once when I was a young child and then for two years of boarding school.

TPZ: Your music feels so personal, I feel like I’m listening to an intimate conversation sometimes.

Amelia: The music is very personal, which is why I didn’t want anyone to hear it originally. It’s basically based around conversations that I was too afraid to have.

TPZ: What are you guys listening to on repeat right now?

Amelia: I’m digging Twin Peaks, Mikal Cronin, and this brand new band called Amadels. As soon as their name gets out I reckon they’re going to hit it big.
Thomas: Caveman – Pricey. I could listen to the riff at the end forever.

TPZ: Random observation time, your name sounds like Bill Mahr with my funny Michigan accent lol.  How did you come up with Belle Mare?

Thomas: Haha. I couldn’t agree more. One of my friends brought that to my attention, but I’m a huge fan of his so I don’t really mind it. People have trouble in general pronouncing our name; some do it with an Italian accent, others with a French – the best way I can describe how its pronounced is – a bell and a female horse.



Rapid fire question time!

Favorite flavor lollipop?

Amelia: Cherry

Thomas: Cherry

Skittles or M&M’s?

Amelia: Skittles, I hate M&M’s.

Thomas: Peanut M&M’s

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Amelia: A chuckin’ chuck load!

Thomas: Depends how much coffee he drank in the morning

Most recent film you saw in the theatre that you liked?

Thomas: I actually just saw Frances Ha and really loved it. I had a thing for Greta Gerwig after I saw Greenberg, but now I’m completely in love.

Vanilla or chocolate icing? * sorry * can you tell I’m hungry?

Amelia: Vanilla with red sugar sprinkles on top!

Thomas: Chocolate, but I’m one of those weirdo’s that likes the cake part better.

You get to go anywhere on earth, where do you go?

Amelia: Thailand Island hopping or the igloo hotel in Finland.

Thomas: Galapagos Islands

One Direction or Justin Bieber?

Amelia: J-Biebz4lyfe.

Thomas: Ummm, yeah, what she said

Favorite cult classic film?

Amelia: Grease.

Thomas: Walkabout

Thank you so much for answering these wonderfully dorky questions.  I truly believe I cannot be a fan of a band/duo/solo artist until I know what kind of junk food they eat. (;
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July 20, 2013