Image by Vasare Nar
Image by Vasare Nar

As the editor for technology, I thought it would be fitting to perhaps write a personal post to open with and get the ball rolling. I would love for future posts to feature YOU guys so if you ever have questions, information, facts or stories to share, I would love to hear from you.

Hidden underneath my bed somewhere in the dark shadows lies my very first laptop, given to me on my 13th birthday to celebrate turning into a teenager. This ‘Dell’ computer is more akin to a shoebox nowadays when consider the slim, fast and elegant laptops we all know and love today. Its buttons are chunky and stiff and the processor fan within still makes the whirring helicopter sounds I remember from all those times turning it on. This machine, however un-sleek and un-quiet it may be, holds some fond memories and was a strong factor in growing up and finding myself on the internet.

The internet was created by the British inventor Time Berners-Lee, whom some of you may remember having a small tribute in the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. For me, having accessibility to surf the world wide web meant finally completing homework without having to get a bus ride to my local library and during especially lazy times, being able to use an online thesaurus to begin using interesting language  eventually broadening my vocabulary. I could now transport work from home to school, all thanks to the laptop sitting in my backpack.

It meant I was able to catch up with friends after spending eight hours of school with them to discuss teenage drama over MSN, the messenger of a generation, who could be possible future boyfriend material and creating emoticons for all kinds of situations, whether I’d be ‘brb’ or ‘gtg’. The use of a webcam was fantastic as it meant I could keep in touch with friends who had moved long distance and keep up with changing appearances. The messenger itself ended earlier this year in order to join forces with Skype. Websites such as Neopets may make twenty-something-year-olds cringe a bit, but I remember keeping myself busy on long journeys for hours, deciding on whether pink or purple was more fitting to my small cyber animal, all thanks to this portable gadget.

Nowadays I find myself using a MacBook Pro daily, as it is a necessity for university and for keeping in touch with friends while I am away. It should come as no surprise to you guys by now if I were to tell you the laptop is one of my favourite inventions!

The image above is designed by Vasare Nar, a freelance artist who creates illustrations and patterns for technology products.

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April 17, 2013