PAM: Tell us a little bit about yourself, how is Vasya Land?
VASYA: My name is Vasya Kolotusha and I’m currently based in Cherkassy, Ukraine. Everything is great. I draw 24/7, hang out with my friends, and sometimes make music. But that’s a secret haha.


P: When did you begin illustrating?
V: Since I was kid I loved to draw, and after graduating university I’ve started to work at game development studio in position as a 2D artist. Last year I decided to become a freelance illustrator.


P: What, if anything specific, are your illustrations inspired by?
V: I dont really know, I think they’re inspired by everyday life, the internet, people. Just common things; everything that surrounds me.

P: If your could be any movie character, who would you be and why?
V: I’d like to be some crazy wizard and make my work by a wave of my magic staff. I could make 100 illustrations per minute haha.


P: Please list your top 5 favorite things.
V: My family, friends, my drawing tablet, music and audio books. The last two are very helpful during my work
Thank you for the interview




August 30, 2014