I don’t know about you but as a child TV was literally the best thing ever.  Basically all I do is watch TV.  This has been a dailyon of mine since I was a mere fetus. Probably 70% of my childhood was spend watching TV, while the other 30% was my mother forcing me get fresh air. Ew, the outside world!
As a child watching TV I wanted to be just like some characters. Mostly because I was 10 and thought every teenager was super cool and awesome. Today I will be writing three of my favorite childhood TV characters that I learnt from. Enjoy!

Lizzie McGuire from Lizzie McGuire
Lizzie always seemed grown up because of all her problems. Problems like her first bra, her crush on Ethan, her wanting a pair of expensive designer jeans, and trying to win against their middle school bully in a Christmas-float competition so they can sing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” with Steven Tyler. Lizzie problems were actually so intense that she couldn’t even express them through her own body: she had to express them with a little cartoon version of herself that came on the screen every few seconds to awkwardly offer a sassy remark.
Being the nine years old child i was I thought this was how the tenange highschool life will be. Talk about a highschool fail. Although some things in Lizzie life were totally unrealistic, I still learn a lot from that awkward, cartoon seeing teenager.

Stephanie Tanner from Full House
Okay, so Stephanie Tanner wasn’t the coolest, prettiest, or best dressed kid that ever lived. That’s simply why everyone loved her.  If there is one thing that Stephanie Tanner has taught me, it’s that it’s perfectly okay to be yourself, whatever that means.  Although Stephanie spent many episodes trying to fit in and be liked. In the end, she was never embarrassed to be herself. With a little nudging, she was always able to remember that she was just fine the way she was, and that’s something we all need to be reminded of every once in a while. Stephaine sort of reminds me of me! With her being her cool, awkward, down to earth self. And how could I forgot my favorite thing about this Tanner, her amazing catch phase, “How RUDE!?”

Hannah Montana from Hannah Montana
Words can’t describe how much I loved and lived for this show. Just like Lizzie, Hannah/Miley had that awkward highschool life that I really want. From her rubbing ketchup onto her hands to her having to chose between Jesse or Jake, which was literally life or death issue for her. I watched it all! Hannah/Miley taught me, and I quote, “Nobody’s Perfect! I gotta work it! Again and again ’til I get it right. Nobody’s Perfect! You live and you learn it! And if I mess it up sometimes… Nobody’s perfect!”hannah_montana

What’s your favourite characters? Tell me in the comment section!


December 5, 2015