Milk Tooth Illustration by Aimee Bee Brooks
Art by Aimee

Hello all!

Today I’m excited to present a whole entire post some babes and I have put together about our favorite goodies in the summertime. Due to the scorching heat (in most parts of the world) during Summer it encourages us foodies to go into a different direction. Some of us like cold sweets while others like hot veggie burgers. Either way food is FOOD and it’s really, really yummy (especially in Summer when there’s nothing left to do except for eating).

Art by Essine

If I had to write a 500 page novel about one thing in Texas it would be about the Summer heat. In June it seems pretty bad when the high is 98 degrees, BUT IT GETS WORSE (I’m not being overdramatic either). Luckily there are a million different cold treats to indulge in during summer, but my personal fav is milkshakes. I’ve always been highly addicted to ice cream, but sometimes I don’t have time to sit down with a big bowl and spoon. Thanks to milkshakes I no longer have to worry about that. It’s probably one of the best inventions ever, because it’s drinkable ice cream (but better)! Not only is there unlimited milkshake combinations, most people ignore all of the topping options! Sure chocolate-butterscotch or strawberry-banana milkshakes sound like delicious combos, but when you put sprinkles, fresh fruit, whip cream, gummi bears, and a million other choices to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this chilly treat.


My absolute favorite thing to eat in the summer are homemade popsicles! I love them because they are literally so easy to make, and you can make them out of anything. They can be yogurt popsicles, or nutella popsicles, or lemonade popsicles with little pieces of fruit in them (which are the best). And you can make them really pretty by layering the flavors in the popsicles to make a rainbow, adding sprinkles, or dipping them in chocolate omg. I just get really excited about these. Everyone make homemade popsicles!



For me, nothing screams “Summer”  more than a Helados Mexico ice cream bar.  Every year around this time, I experience deep nostalgia for this treat that filled my childhood.  When I was younger, my mother would take my brother and I to this tiny, authentic Mexican store down the road from our house; and upon our arrival, we would rush towards the florescent, buzzing freezer in the back of the store. My pint-sized hands would grab as many bars as they could possibly hold, always going towards their creamy Coconut and Strawberry ones first. A few years ago that store got shut down, and I haven’t had Helados since.  But I can still remember how happy they made me!  I guess this isn’t really a ~favorite Summer treat,~ more of a dedication to a beautiful little popsicle that I may never have again.
-xoxo Kiya

kettle chips

Kettle chips entered my life by the grace of God and are the most perfect snack on earth and here’s why:

Kettle chips are made in individual batches as opposed mass-produced regular chips.  At first they were only made in-home kitchens but because they are a slice of heaven on earth, big companies chose to copy the method.  For some reason they remind me of something that Mrs.Weasley would make all of her children!  *Random Harry Potter reference*.  They are crunchy and salty and often time’s restaurants offer them as substitutes to fries (which I always choose, not a fry person, crazy I know).  I love the jalapeno ones from Jimmy John’s, so spicy and delicious they are!   The worst thing about these chips is how addicting they are.  If ever you’re sad, these little babies will brighten your day!  Kind of weird to eat something so spicy and salty on hot days, but feels nice in the air conditioning with some ice cold water.

-Montgomery Jones xxx


If there was one beverage I had to have for the whole of summer it would most definitely be slush puppies (even if it did result in walking around with blue lips). There was even one stage last year where I nearly bought a slush machine off of eBay to fuel my desire even more. This tasty drink has been around since 1974 and still uses the same recipe to create the syrup which makes it taste so yummy. Most people will probably recognise their new range found mostly at cinemas under the name Tango Ice Blast – they’ve even added to the drink to give it a new twist by adding popping candy. Also how could you not find the puppy logo of the company cute?!

– Liv

Art by Tessa

Ah, the creamsicle. The perfect balance of ice cream and popsicle, Creamsicles are the quintessential  summer treat. The class Creamsicle flavor is orange but I have recently been informed that they now come in a wide array of flavors such as cotton candy and watermelon (yum). Fun fact: August 14th is National Creamsicle Day, so mark your calendars and make sure to eat Creamsicles that day! Or just eat them every day like me. Creamsicles: because you’re worth it.

– Hannah

by The Pulp Girls
Old and New Faves ~ art by The Pulp Girls

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July 15, 2013