Melissa from Melissa Brooks, the super rad SoCal band that you should definitely be listening to, takes us through the babely outfits that she’s worn throughout the Melissa Brooks’ videos!

1. Rich Boyz

In the “Rich Boyz” video, I played two characters: one being myself, and one being the drunk girl. The drunk girl outfit is really silly, but I really liked the outfit I wore for when I was myself. I wore a light pink open back crop top from Foreign Exchange, high waisted cigarette denim jeans from Urban Outfitters, a brown-black braided leather belt (thrifted), a necklace my cousin gave me from Forever 21, and the same Steve Madden brown boots from the previous video. I only had one pair of shoes for a really long time, so I had no choice but to always wear those lol. I like this outfit because it is comfortable, but is also really cute! I like how my butt looks in these jeans. Those are the only skinny jeans that I own.

Screenshot from Rich Boyz music video
Screenshot from Rich Boyz music video

2. Wander


The music video for “Wander” was filmed during the entire summer of 2012. I took a bunch of short video clips that I would film a few times a day, and then I decided to add them all together to make a music video for our song. Although I wore several different outfits, one of my favorites is the one I wore in the skateboarding scene. I wore my yellow/orange Terry cloth top tucked in with denim high-waisted shorts, both thrifted from Goodwill, with a brown leather belt that was my mom’s in the 80s that I stole from her. I wore my brown Steve Madden lace-up boots with black and white socks peaking out a little. I like this outfit because when I look back to this video, my outfit seems nostalgic to me. I bought those clothes right when I ended high school and was ready for a fresh start in my life. This outfit is simple, yet it stands out because the yellow pops. It reminds me of how great last summer was for me.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 14.34.56
(v blurry) Screenshot from the Wander music video

3. Our Love Will Always Remain


This video was the most fun to shoot! Our guitarist, Ryan, filmed most of the video of us hanging around San Francisco while we were on tour. The outfit that you see the most in the music video is what I wore on the first day of tour. My outfit was my blue American Apparel high-waisted pants, black tank top (thrifted), holographic Doc Martens, and this awesome fur coat that I bought that day in a thrift shop. I love this outfit because it kept me warm at night, but I could also take off the coat during the day and it’s a nice day outfit. The pants are also super comfy, and match with almost anything. I have the same ones in grey as well!

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 14.30.27
Screenshot from Our Love Will Always Remain music video

4. So High

The “So High” music video outfit is probably my favorite of all of the outfits I’ve listed here. I wore my favorite white lacey dress that I actually wore for my high school graduation, and I got that dress from Forever 21. I accessorized with black clogs by UGGS, a long pearl necklace, the same necklace my cousin gave me that I wore in the “Rich Boyz” video, rings, a henna bracelet and a headband with a pink sequin heart that I found at a vintage store. I love this outfit because it’s really girly and fun, but the shoes make me feel badass in it. It was fun going around Disneyland with a camera. People certainly looked confused. It was awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 14.36.37
Screenshot from So High music video


TPZ: What has been your fave outfit from a show?
Mel: When we played at Viva Pomona, I wore this black and white turtleneck-tank top I got from American Apparel with a black pencil skirt, my black clogs with it, and a red hair scrunchie as a bracelet. I felt a little weird about that outfit when I was getting dressed, but everyone in the band re-assured me that I looked rad, so I trusted them. After seeing photos from the show, I was like, “damn. I love this outfit.” and then I put it back on after I washed it and wore the same outfit for about three days in a row. When I like an article of clothing or a specific outfit, I obsess over it. I am the queen of outfit repeating. I wear the same accessories almost every day.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 14.37.31
Melissa Brooks live at Viva Pomona

TPZ: Who or what is your style/ fashion inspiration? (magazines, blogs, brands, movies, aesthetics, fashion collections, websites, etc.)
M: I don’t really look up to anyone for fashion inspiration. I just dress how I like. I have this motto that I’ve been saying to myself since I was 10, “If you believe in the outfit, it looks cute. If you don’t believe in the outfit, you look like shit.” I also have this other motto which is “Always dress like you’re ready to go on stage.” I like standing out, but I also like simple pieces. The riot grrrl movement influences my style because it reminds me not to care what others think of how I dress. I like short skirts, so what? I like crop tops, so what? That’s just me. I’m not a slut or anything. I just think my outfit looks cute, that’s all.

TPZ: Do you have a fashion icon?
M: My fashion icon would be Edie Sedgwick. I love how she always wore black tights and leotards with simple basic colors, yet she always looked stunning.

TPZ: What are your favourite shops?
M: I’m not trying to be Miss Hipster or anything, but I really love the clothes at American Apparel. Every time I go into one of their stores, I start crying because everything is so cute and expensive. Sigh. I also love thrifting and going to random vintage shops I find. You can find the coolest stuff there if you realllly dig around. If I were rich, I would order clothes online from Nasty Gal, Worship The Fallen Clothing, and Om Weekend. Why are there so many cute clothes in this world?

TPZ: If you could only keep 3 of your accessories, which would they be (and why??)?
M: I’d keep my black henna bracelet forever because it matches with everything I wear, and it’s super “soft grunge” (that was a joke). I’d also keep my Christopher Owens bottle cap necklace. A fan made it for me, and I wear it almost every day. It’s really dear to me because I love Christopher Owens so much, and I can totally wear him around my neck all the time. It’s pretty sweet. My last accessory I’d keep is my yin yang mood ring. I wear it every day. My finger actually has a tan line from how much I wear it.

TPZ: Which era do you inspires your style the most (I’ve been noticing some super rad 90s vibez !!)?
M: A mix of the late 60s with some 90s and some year 2020 shit.

TPZ: Fave best item of clothing?
M: I have this blue tight vintage sequin dress that I’ve had hanging in my closet for what seems like the past 50 years. I’d really like to wipe the dust off of that one and start wearing it again. It makes me feel like a SUPERSTAR.

TPZ: So what can we expect from Melissa Brooks in the future?
M: Expect our debut album “Stoked On You” to drop this Winter on BURGER RECORDS, a new EP possibly in between, and a whole lot of shenanagans!


A huge thank you to Mel for being such a super rad babe and talking with us! Go watch all of Melissa Brooks’ videos here, and follow them on Tumblr and Twitter and stuff!

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October 7, 2013


“. I like short skirts, so what? I like crop tops, so what? That’s just me. I’m not a slut or anything. I just think my outfit looks cute, that’s all.”

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