Hello to all our dearest alien-babes!

We know you’re all missing home back on Mars! Things can be so dull and monotonous here, especially as the Earthling holiday season begins to loom. The best season (~Halloween~) is behind us, sadly, and we’re in that camp with the not-so-warm feelings toward the whole Happy Holidays routine that starts this month here in the US. Whether you have the perfect family or not, odds are you’ve experienced the pain of being stuck with an “outsider” status. Maybe you live it (or fight it) everyday, maybe it only rears its head with certain groups, or maybe you’ve even embraced it and created your own space.

We want to use November to explore all things “alien” and outsiders. These labels can be applied to practically anything depending on the circumstances, but we’re thinking alienation and otherness, green hair and mirrored dresses, 1960s sci-fi, X-Files memorabilia, mysterious disappearances, and navigating a world where everything you do or love is devalued. We shot with a real Martian-babe a little while back, in all kinds of smoky, light-soaked glory! Get ready for an out-of-this-world month!

The Pulp Girls

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November 2, 2013


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