photo from The Pulp Girls

Hello droogs!

Vices: everyone has ’em, but not everyone wants to talk about them. For June, we chose a theme that’s not what you might expect for such a happy, up-beat month. We wanted to look closer at the sides of people that come out when they don’t have so much responsibility weighing down on their shoulders. Maybe you’re not keeping up your ‘school’ persona, or maybe you have more time to devote to partying, or maybe you’re just spending your whole day drawing! Whatever it may be, we have a feeling that you’re all taking some sort of vice a bit further as the weather warms up!

As for The Pulp Girls, Brianna likes to hide from the sun and play more video games, scheme up vacation plans, constantly crave amusement park rides and prepare mentally for totally summer fun (parties). Cailie likes to indulge in all the ‘obvious’ vices: drink, smoke, spend too much money on clothing and previously mentioned vices, and basically lay on the couch with a computer on lap until the sun sets and party begins. (← Oh my god I sound so incredibly cliché…!)

We don’t want you to think of your pleasures as guilty (stay tuned for an upcoming post on this ‘guilt’ topic!), but just be sure not to ever go overboard! Get ready for a month full of dice, women and cards. No no, just kidding; this isn’t a western movie, but it’s still sure to be fun!

Cailie + Brianna

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June 1, 2013