Hey beautiful babes!

The month of Journeys is about to commence and we are gonna basically take you on countless trips around the globe. Our theme for August, Journeys, isn’t only about the physical adventures and vacations we take in the warmer months of the year, but it’s also about the internal journey that just seems to happen every summer. The month before school starts always seems to be quieter and cooler, and for some reason it always seems like the best time to travel deep into your emotional being and figure some things out about yourself. The rush of excitement that arrives when the summer months begin starts to dwindle and to be honest, it can get a bit sad on those long, cool afternoons late in August.

This official ‘summertime sadness’ needs to be either stared right in the face and addressed or chased away with travels across the country (or even your own state or backyard) to find a new feeling. Hopefully, our month of Journeys will make you feel like you are right along side each babe that shares their journey whether it be a physical or mental one. It’s always pretty magical to see through other people’s eyes and cameras and words, to experience a place that you may never get the opportunity to visit. You may even get the chance to look at your own city through the eyes of a foreign visitor and become re-enchanted with your hometown.

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to go on a vacation due to funds, transportation, scheduling issues, etc, so it’s also important to find those secret places near your house that make you feel like you’re in a whole new realm. It’s been incredibly hard for us to organize a trip with our friends because lately we’ve been overwhelmed with work on the Zine and our shop, but we find fun little ways to ‘get away’ without going very far or taking too much time away from our work hours. We recently re-visited a swimming spot that we forgot about for years and it was honestly such a blast, the best picnic spot ever. The water is cool and clear and huge, arching trees cast a shadow over the little beach on which we set up a blanket to hang out with our dogs and have lunch. Even if you can’t leave your house or don’t have a car or whatever you should make a secret ‘vacation’ spot somewhere in your yard or on your porch roof. Somewhere away from your normal bedroom dwelling is sometimes all it takes to feel like discovering a new favorite spot. Honestly, we think these places are the best for creating, scheming, brainstorming etc. You get stuck in a terrible rut if you confine yourself to one ‘think-space’/’work-space’ etc so it’s SO important to find new spots to take those ultra fantastic mental journeys. You just gotta!

Some of our favorite think/work destinations that are within 10 mins of our house:

♡ our back porch which is dripping with decorative xmas lights (SO dreamy)
♡ a local coffee shop with outdoor seating
♡ the swimming hole that I mentioned earlier
♡ this sprawling public field that has 3ft tall grass, we’ve also done countless shoots there
♡ this huge hill in a park in our town.. once you make the terribly hard climb to the top you pretty much feel on top of the world
♡ the roof of the announcer’s box up on the bleachers of our old high school

Where are some of your fave mental-journey-inducing spots?

Cailie + Brianna
The Pulp Girls

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August 1, 2013