April 2013

Hello, hello world! As you read our lovely little welcome to The Pulp Zine, we want you to imagine pastel confetti falling from the heavens, and perhaps some trumpets sounding a little fanfare, accompanied by the cooing of freshly-released doves and the cheers of a roomful of perfect human beings jumping out from behind the couch because HOORAY! It’s time to start this party! (And in a perfect, planetarily-aligned coincidence, we’re launching on the same day Twin Peaks premiered twenty-three years earlier! (っ◔‿◔)っ♡)

The Pulp Zine was born as a tiny single-celled little baby organism in Brianna and Cailie’s constantly-conjuring imaginations many long months ago: we wanted to make a zine. We didn’t have a plan, we didn’t have anyone involved, nor did we have any idea where to start. As we talked more about our dream with all the intelligent and funny and all-around perfect babes you’ll be meeting over the coming weeks, something magical happened: our tiny project began to grow more solid and real as more people wanted in on the adventure. We could never have gotten any of this done without all the wonderful humans that made The Pulp Zine possible, so kisses and love and eternal gratitude should be distributed accordingly. ♡

So what is The Pulp Zine, exactly? Well, I think we’ll leave you to find that out for yourselves over the next weeks of April. Our first theme o’ the month is appropriately “FIRSTS,” so get excited for new adventures, beginnings, coming of age and growing pains, life choices, fresh relationships and fresh breakups, springtime frolics, and every other kind of wonderful new thing under the sun.

Brianna + Cailie
The Pulp Girls

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April 8, 2013