photo by The Pulp Girls

So, month two, May! May is such a kick ass month. This month’s theme is “Good Times” and it just doesn’t get better than May for the best of times! The sun stays out much later, giving you so many more hours in the day to get all the good stuff in! Let’s talk GOOD TIMES (see that subtlety?!) these gorgeous, flower-strewn weeks promise:

Personally, Brianna loads up on sunscreen while Cailie takes in the warm rays. We’ve been sitting in thousands of tiny mayflowers drinking ginger beer and decorating photos with stickers, which is something we highly recommend for a sweet little afternoon hang-out sesh. When the sun goes down (sad) we retreat before the mosquitoes and Slenderman comes to eat us and obsessively watch the X-files while eating homemade sweet potato fries. It’s been a pretty rad beginning to one of the best seasons on Earth and it’s only just started! We’ve also been totally ecstatic about finishing up our very first month of content here on The Pulp Zine, aka our precious baby! Seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you, to the brand new, beautifully talented Pulp Babes and all our fabulous readers. You are helping us make our dreams come true!


Brianna + Cailie

The Pulp Girls


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May 1, 2013