Hello, hello all you Pulp Pretties! We’re so happy to  bring you the “Intoxicated” edition of The Pulp Zine! This month is sure to be filled to the brim with baubles + tinsel + glitter! We’ve been so incredibly busy with keeping up with orders in the shop and MOVING INTO OUR BRAND NEW STUDIO! We’re basically drunk on happiness these days because the feeling of freedom and a totally new and improved system of efficiency is skyrocketing our spirits. There’s like so many brand new projects we’re taking on, you could say we’re a bit intoxicated by it all! We’re expanding the Zine with lots of new babely contributors, soon to be releasing a Pulp fashion label, getting excited about our secret santas, planning movie viewings and meet-and-greets in our new work space~~~ IT’S JUST ALL SO MUCH! You guys must know the feeling in some way, like there’s so many positive things in your not-so-distant future, you can’t help but have a dumb little grin on 85% of the day. BUT THAT GRIN IS SO GOOD! You need to feel that way as often as possible! You’re all fabulous, one-of-a-kind people and sometimes you just have to give in and start feeling a little dizzy on your radness. It’s just healthy and important for you!

We chose the theme “Intoxicated” for December, and it’s kinda obvious why~ even if you aren’t religious (we aren’t) or don’t celebrate any of the upcoming holidays, the feelings of excitement and anticipation are just the air everywhere. That sounds so incredibly cheesy, BUT it’s actually true! Bright lights and tinsel and all that jazz are just fun for everyone to look at, even if they don’t hold the same significance as they do for some people. It’s all so magical!


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December 5, 2013