The summer of 2013 should be called “The Summer of Watermelons.” Lately watermelon print has been popping up all over the place. From Lazy Oaf to Mod Cloth more and more brands are hopping on the melon bandwagon. When I first discovered this new trend I fell in love immediately. The only thing that was stopping me from buying everything watermelon was the hole in my wallet. It was my budget (or lack of one) that made me realize how simple it was to add watermelon print to something! Today I’m going to teach all of you cool cats how to transform plain old shorts into a magical watermelon-dream-come-true in just a few easy steps!


1.) Supplies! You’ll need all of the following:

  1. Black fabric paint
  2. Green fabric paint
  3. White fabric paint (I only had acrylic, but either one will work)
  4. Any sort of cup or small bowl
  5. Pink shorts
  6. A pencil
  7. Various paintbrushes (at least one large and one small brush)
  8. Water (not in picture)
  9. Magazines/cardboard/towels (not in picture)


2.) Lay out all of your supplies on top of some towels (or cardboard), and double check you have everything. You don’t want to get your creative juices flowing and realize you forget something.


3.) Grab your magazines (or cardboard) and put one in each leg. This is necessary so that the paint doesn’t bleed through the shorts!


4.) Pour your water in the cup so you have something to clean your brushes out. Then get your pencil and start drawing your lines for the white line and the green  rind sections. I was feeling rebellious and didn’t use a ruler, but if you’re more comfortable with a ruler you’re welcome to use one! Make sure your lines are even on the front and back so you don’t have any lopsided-awkward stuff going on.


5.) Pour a little bit of green and start painting the rind! Make sure you do a clean even coat all around. Remember: It’s okay to pour too little paint, you can always pour more!


6.) As your waiting for the rind to dry, start on the seeds! I only did mine in the front, but you can put them wherever you want. I made each seed about a half an inch with using a small paintbrush. Since I was still feeling rebellious I didn’t draw the seeds out with a pencil first. (If you want to draw out the seeds in pencil first that is okay!)


7.) We are almost done! Next thing you need to do is MAKE SURE THE GREEN PAINT IS COMPLETELY DRY. If you don’t do this you’re white will be more seafoam than white (I mean if you want that then go for it). Paint in the lines you drew earlier.


8.) Intensely watch the paint dry (or go take a walk outside). AND THEN OMG YOU’RE DONE! Congratulations you just made the cutest summer shorts ever.

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July 28, 2013


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