While we’re in this part of the year – near the end of winter, but still too early to say spring is coming – where the weather goes back and forth between being warm and being freezing, why not make these cute earmuffs?

Waffle Earmuffs 2

Waffle Earmuffs 3


1. Find a cup or another household item with a similar circumference to your earmuffs. You’ll use this to trace circles for the waffles.

2. Once you’ve found a cup with a similar size to the earmuffs, use a pen to trace two circles on the tan felt. Cut the circles out.

3. Free-hand cut out two small squares out of yellow felt for the butter, and cut out two shapes out of brown felt for the syrup. Optional: Round the corners of the yellow squares.

4. Using the brown Sharpie, free-hand drawn square shapes on the circles to make them look more waffle like. Use this picture if you need some guidance. 

5. Using either the hot glue or the fabric glue, glue down the syrup, and the butter on the waffles. Now glue the entire waffle on the ear muffs.

Waffle Earmuffs 1

Waffle Earmuffs 4

February 21, 2016


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