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Valentines Emoji Headband 1

Valentines Emoji Headband 2 r

You know why I like love the heart-eyed emoji?

You can use it for almost anything! An Instagram picture of a puppy? *heart-eyes* A video of my nephew in his diaper? *heart-eyes* A Facebook post of an old group photo of my high school BFF’s? *heart-eyes* Seeing my husband in his dapper outfit on our Valentine’s Day date? *real-life heart-eyes*

So no matter what you celebrate(or don’t celebrate) this upcoming Valentine’s Day, this festive headband is perfect for that occasion!


  1. Hot glue 5-6 ping pong balls on the headband. Note: Keep a little space in between each ball, so that when you put it on, there’s room for the ping pong balls to move around as the headband expands.
  2. (If you’re working with yellow ping pong balls, skip this step and go to step 3.) Once the hot glue has cooled, head to a well-ventilated area, and spray paint the ping pong balls yellow. Let the paint dry overnight. Tip: To keep paint from getting on your hand, I found that a grocery bag worked well as a glove. Also note, it’s alright if a little yellow paint gets on the headband, because you’ll be painting it later anyway.
  3. Use the nail polish to paint the outside only of the headband. If desired, paint a second coat. Let it dry.
  4. Lightly sketch with the pencil the emoji’s mouth on each ping pong ball, then go over it and color it in with the Sharpie
  5. Finally, stick the heart stickers on for the eyes.

Valentines Emoji Headband 3 r

Valentines Emoji Headband 4 r

Valentines Emoji Headband 5


January 30, 2016