Have you been totally into the dip-dye phase this season? Ever wondered if you could get creative with dip dying using more than just your hair or clothes? A few weeks ago my sister Audrey taught me how to do nail marbling, but we soon figured out that it was something you could do to more than just your nails. Instead, we turned it into a cool form of temporary hand/nail-art that could be fun for whatever occasions you have coming up (or just laying around at home!) [It’s a little inspired by Lorde at the Grammys, if you remember what that looked like] To begin, you’ll need…

You might also want some nail polish remover and cotton rounds, for cleaning up afterwards! Make sure to set up your “work station” neatly, because as soon as you start working with the actual nail polish, everything goes on in a matter of seconds.

Nail Station

Step One Fill the cup with water. Test it to make sure it’s a good temperature, it should be somewhere between room temperature and lukewarm. If it’s too cold, it’ll make the nail polish harden too fast. Step Two Here’s where things start moving really fast. Start to drip the nail polish into the cup of water. The first drip you make should spread out very quickly, then it’s time to drip with another color. After a few times, it should start to look like a bull’s eye.

Drip One Drip Two Bull's Eye!

Step Three Now it starts to get a little tricky! If you’ve done marbling before you might have an easier time with this, but if not you’ll likely have to practice a few times. As soon as you’ve got a sufficient bull’s eye design in the water, take a toothpick and start dragging the nail polish around on the surface of the water. This will definitely be tricky at first– but once you’ve got the hang of it, you can move on to more and more complicated designs!

Trial One Trial Two

Step Four Now it’s time to transfer the design from the water to your nail and skin! Try to line up the middle of your nail with the center of the design. Dip it into the water fairly slowly, and hold it there for at least three or four seconds until the water and nail polish stops moving. Use the toothpick to pull any excess floating polish away from you hand, and pull it out! Now, you’re finished! Don’t you love your lovely design?


Don’t touch anything while it’s drying– that can lead to smudging and other sticky situations. The design should stay on your hands for a while, and is definitely a nice accent to any look! Make sure you remove it from your skin before going to sleep though– nail polish remover (or a gentler solution of 1 pt nail polish remover and 1 pt water) should do the trick. The design on your nails should last however long your nail polish normally lasts, especially if you put a clear coat on over it! So you don’t have to feel aaaany pressure to take that part off day-of. Hope you enjoy your dip-dyed marbling nail art! (Many thanks to my sister Audrey for teaching me these tricks, and to my cousins for letting us experiment with their nails)

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August 18, 2014


i really like this because you list all the steps and it is really easy for me to understand since i have never done this before. also i loved the nail after it waas done but can you make another site on how to make the nails design that detail. that part i do not get.

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