From February to September 2013 I was on a trip in North America, by myself with my camera and my notebooks.
Surrounded by people most of the time but alone always.

I was dealing with myself. Trying to understand things better. Learning a new culture and observing. I met some really great people along the road, discovered rad bands from different cities in hidden places, secret shows. And had fun conversations with strangers.
I have been to so many Greyhound stations that it almost felt like home.
I spent so much time sitting and sleeping while sitting that I think my knees have gotten old way faster than they should of…

It was the best time always and the worst time sometimes.

Fort McMurray, AB – Edmonton, AB – Calgary, AB – Vancouver, BC – Toronto, ON – Montreal QC – Detroit, MI – Nashville, TN – Birmingham, AB – Hattiesburg, MS – Slidell, LA – New Orleans, LA – Houston, TX – Dallas, TX – Austin, TX – Denver, CO – Salt Lake City, UT – San Francisco, CA, …

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June 7, 2015


Beautiful photos. I’ve always wanted to travel across the country solo, and your photos make me want to do it even more!

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