Nothing is more sick than the fashion in the nineties, and especially the films. No matter what film we’re talking, there is bound to be at least three mini skirts, two funky crop tops, and one giant cell phone. There was something so special and original about these years. It was so easy to find clothing to express yourself and stand out. This month I’m going to share my two favorite nineties films, Clueless and The Doom Generation. Between the two films, there is more than enough fierce fashion inspiration for every type.





In the 1995 film Clueless it’s okay to be a virgin who can’t drive, because the fashion was way SICK. I honestly don’t know where to begin with all the perfect costume choices throughout the movie. Whether it’s Dee’s funky hats, Cher’s perfectly coordinated blazer and skirt combos, or Tai’s overalls. Each outfit is utterly flawless with that 90’s flair that is almost extinct nowadays. Unfortunately a lot of these digs are hard to find, but Etsy has made it possible once more to be as confident and fashionable as Cher Horowitz. Luckily Wildfox has the same feelings for this movie as I do, and they decided to create a whole line and lookbook inspired by Cher and her friends.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.23.07 AM

Yellow cardigan / Jane Norman cropped t shirt, $8.77 / Gold sequin mini skirt / JuJu sport shoes / Beret hat / H&M lip gloss, $4.62 / 1970 vintage TRIP to THE MOON school kid yellow bag / Ralph Lauren Pointelle Knee-High / Maison Close Plumeau Caresse




No one does pessimism with more style than Rose McGowan in the 1995 flick, The Doom Generation. While she’s complaining about the town she lives in and how much the world sucks, she has the sickest threads you will ever see in any 90’s film. Her skin tight mini dress is a must, along with her black combat boots, and her wicked see-through raincoat. Although all of the clothing she wears throughout the movie is fairly simple, it’s topped off with funky plastic bangles, rings, other thrift shop jewelry, and killer red lipstick.


666 by themadmod 

Topshop sheer mesh top / Wanda Nylon zip jacket / Charlotte Russe lacy bra / Madewell boyshort panty / Military boots / Charm necklace / Dorothy Perkinsbracelets bangle / Juicy Couture bangle bracelet / Bracelets bangle / Metal jewelry, $9.29 / Vintage cateye sunglasses / Mister The Mr. Fuck Ring in Gold / Miyo lip stick, $11 / Rhode Island Novelty 144 Plastic Glitter Rings (Assorted Colors and…


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July 8, 2013