In honor of the holidays DFOF has even MORE material! From now on expect bigger and better posts, and as always, stay dedicated~

December has always been known to me as the month of holidays (y’know Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, etc.). It also means the best deals of the whole year! I always have to fight the temptation of buying EVERYTHING everywhere I go, but I can’t help but be intoxicated. While I’m not weeping over all the wonderful, holiday sales, I’m usually gawking over some of my favorite movies. I don’t know why, but there’s always something about cold weather that makes me want to re-watch my favorite films (even though it’s about 70 degrees in Texas right now…). Whether you’re trying to be bad, stuffing your face, trapped in a house, waitressing at weddings, or the girlfriend of John Cusack, you’re always cute and always intoxicated.


Sedmikrásky/Daisies (1966) 

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 6.38.27 PMDie! Die! Die! by themadmod 

River Island dress, $41 / Topshop white bikini / Roksanda Ilincic shelf bra, $540 / Rhinestone jewelry, $9.82 / Pins brooch, $13 / Pins brooch, $13 / ASOS flower headband / Kohl eye makeup / Waterford kitchenware dining

I’ve always loved the 1960’s. There was something that was so special to me about the music, lifestyle, and most importantly, the clothing. I’ve come to realize that the best inspiration for sixties wear is through the marvelous films. Although Americana was at it’s peak in this era, Europe had a few things up their sleeves, too…

In this world my four favorite words that start with “F” are feminist, farce, film and foreign. Before Daisies I didn’t think it was possible to put those four words into one plot, but little did I know- I was wrong. I can’t even begin to describe my love for this Czechoslovakian film. The movie is set around Marie I and Marie II, who are intoxicated with the meaning of life and decide to go bad, because they think everyone is too boring (their version of bad is going on dates with older men, stealing food, wearing newspaper as clothing, etc.). While all this girl-power-food-fest is happening, Marie and Marie are looking absolutely outstanding. The movie starts with the two babes in these simple, but powerful, bombshell bikinis (high waisted with polkadots). After the bikini scene the Maries continue to flaunt their stuff with shift dresses, flower crowns, and bare feet. Of course, there’s much more that this film contains, but I want to leave some of it as a surprise so you can become intoxicated yourself!

Daisies is basically the best foreign-feminist-farce film in the world, and it’ll change your life and view on fashion forever.



The Wedding Singer (1998)


 “I think it’s the little things that count.” It’s this mantra that was the main driving force behind the character Julia Sullivan from The Wedding Singer. Let’s talk about why I love this movie so much for a second. Okay, it had perfect script (cheering for the underdog, true love, the 80’s!), the perfect cast (romcom queen Drew Barrymore can do no wrong), a great soundtrack, but let’s not overlook a main part of this film, the wardrobe!

With the time setting being set in the eighties, they could’ve done the cheesiest and most eccentric looks for Julia’s character. I’m talking big hair, crazy amounts of necklaces and bracelets, neon tights, the works! I LOVE how they kept her wardrobe simple, but nonetheless dream worthy. All her outfits rang true with her personality. She wasn’t into glitz and glamour, she preferred the simple things in life. She proved that you don’t have to follow trends to have a sense of style! Being yourself is a-ok and dressing in outfits that you’re comfortable in and showcase your true self is never a wrong way to go. Specifically, my favorite outfit of hers is any scene where she’s wearing her trusty denim jacket! To me, it showed that with even with just one staple piece, it can transform my outfit into a completely different one. It’s an easy and personalized way to rock whatever look it is you want!

Another thing I learned from this movie’s fashions is the fact that my personal style doesn’t have to compromise for anything or anyone! Whether it’s a uniform for school or work, I can bring a little of myself wherever I go. Even Julia’s work uniform is to die for! She managed to change up an otherwise boring black and white work piece into her own fashion statement with simple changes! Her trusty necklace, her shoes, and that magical hair. It’s something I do every day with my work uniform. And it’s so easy to do! I am no fashionista, but even I can turn a drab tee and khaki uniform into my own look with accessories and makeup. It’s so important for each of us to realize we’re all amazingly unique babes, and it’s only fair to share that with the world, right? And the best part, WE’RE in charge of how much and how we want to share! Like Julia said, it’s the little things that count!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.51.57 PM

Church tounge by candyxtwiggg 

Mini dress / Black dress / H M lace top, $33 / Hue opaque tight / Dr. Martens shoes / Lucky Brand flat shoes / MARC BY MARC JACOBS stud earrings / H M bead bracelet, $4.90 / Bead necklace / Lipstick Queen lips makeup, $33

Say Anything (1989)


 I was raised on great 80’s cinema. Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, basically anything and everything that made me wholeheartedly believe that my life was a quirky, happy-go lucky teen movie. Of all these movies I soaked my prepubescent brain in, there was one that always stuck out. “Say Anything” had many qualities that made it different from the other movies of that era. With it being released in 1989 and with its darker themes (the IRS, Constance Dobler being a newly single mother, stealing money from old people, Corey only being used for sex?! Uhh) it’s a movie that really made you think. It perfectly meshed the two worlds, the ending of the fuzzy, neon 80’s we all know and love and the beginning of the 90’s, where all the neons were beginning to fade away leaving behind kids who felt lost and misunderstood (bring in Nirvana now, please).

Even with all this obscure “Say Anything” darkness going on, there was one light in the midst of it all, that being the lovely Diane Court! What so entranced me with Ione Skye’s interpretation of the studious and shy character was how much the camera loved her. She had amazing eyes that wouldn’t quit, and that hair! Let’s not forget that wardrobe!

In the beginning of the film she’s dressed very conservatively, her wardrobe consisting of cute pastels, breezy tops, and button ups with matching skirts. Her life was going according to the plan she and her father had long dreamed of. She just graduated high school, received a prestigious scholarship to England, and she met Lloyd Dobler (everyone’s dream boy, let’s admit it), a sweet guy who loved her for who she was and exposed her to new and exciting experiences she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go through with alone.

Towards the end of the film when she discovers that the perception she had of her father was a lie, how her loyalty to her father cost her a happy and loving relationship with Lloyd, and all the pain and confusion of her world being turned upside down caused her, her choice of clothing changes dramatically. It reminded me of the style of the grunge movement of the early 90’s. Instead of pastel pencil skirts and dresses, she rocked the baggy cardigans, simple tees, and a darker color scheme. Oh! And that amazing witchy vibe hat she rocked during the final scene.

All this vivid imagery and symbolism has always stuck with me, and the versatility of fashions is something I continue to emulate to this day! We’re are all multi-faceted, rad human beings. Whys stick to one style?! This film shows us how much our clothing choices say about us, and how fashion is an outlet of expression. Let’s all let our inner Diane Court shine on!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.51.07 PM

“They Say I’m A Priss” by candyxtwiggg 

J Crew a line wedding dress / KristenseN du Nord sleeveless top / NIKE black legging, $49 /Zara pink pumps / Cole Haan flat / Floral handbag / Gypsy purse / Ivory pearl necklace, $47 /Reeds Jewelers sterling silver earrings / Black church hat / Botto Giuseppe shawls scarve /Vintage 80s Gray Fleck Cotton Knit Sweatshirt Mens Preppy Cardigan M / Lipstick Queen lipstick / Faux Books Double Bookends, $140



Dazed and Confused (1993)

“You cool man?”  Because nothing screams teen-age years full of intoxication, both literally intoxicated, and intoxicated with aspects in life (lust/love/parties), more than the movie Dazed and Confused.  This coming-of-age film is full of cute boys, puffs of smoke, and most of all, the most stylish 70’s clothing that are just to die for.  There’s one character in particular, Michelle Burroughs (played by Milla Jovovich), who I identify with on an incredible level.  With her patch-covered jeans, simply-braided hair, and her ever-present guitar, she is my absolute 70’s style icon, one that I wish I could embody in real life.
The movie centers around a  group of (now ex) high-schoolers, and one middle school graduate, on a quest to attend the perfect party, each student is desperate to become fully intoxicated on not only their new freedom, but also on cheap beer.


My outfit gives off a really strong “white-girl-at-coachella” vibe, but that’s not what I’m going for. Modern-day Michelle Burroughs would definitely be rocking a pair of Huf socks, some embroidered jean shorts, along with her signature bandeau/crop top, pairing all that with some stellar platform sandals during the times she’s not barefoot, she would be the epitome of 70s fashion.  Michelle would also have her acoustic guitar in one hand, a joint in the other, and her dreamy boyfriend Kevin Pickford laying next to her, probably somewhere on an open field talking about aliens.

Not only does Michelle kick-ass in the style department, but between Slater’s pot tee, and Matthew McConaughey’s high waisted pants, this movie is like one big 70s fashion orgasm, and don’t even get me started on Darla Marks and her posse’s clothing.

All I need is this outfit and a hot boyfriend, and my life will be Dazed and Confused, alright man.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.19.51 PM

I Am Dazed and Confused by unique-reality

Monki sheer top, $34 / Highwaisted shorts / Topshop wedge shoes / Hippy hat, $36 / Linea Pelle vintage belt / HUF The Plantlife Socks in Black and Grey

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December 13, 2013