Le Temps De L’amour translated to English is: The Time of Love, and when you watch Moonrise Kingdom it is very apparent. From the minute the credits start your journey to falling in love with Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s writing begins. The movie is based in the 1960’s so naturally the whole film has a natural glow of retro beauty. The set design is flawless, and the fashion is even more impressive. Not only are there june bug earrings, but there are cute boy scout patches, and a million other things. (Seriously if I listed all the great fashion in this film, we would never see the end of this post.)


The main heroine in the story is Suzy Bishop, a bad ass bitch who isn’t afraid to show her true emotions. Although she’s as tough as nails, her clothing doesn’t show that side of her. She has the classic pre-teen girl get up, which is a nice contrast to her personality. Throughout the film she has the cutest peter-pan collar dresses, saddle shoes, and classic white, knee-high socks. Plus her favorite record is a Françoise Hardy 45, and her dad is Bill Murray. You can’t get much better then that.


magic powers by themadmod featuring clip back earrings

Rare London lacy dress, $7.61 / Eberjey plunge bra / Kinky Knickers lacy panty, $23 / RVCA cotton socks / Pinup Couture lace up shoes / ASOS clip back earrings, $11 / Animal ring / ASOS charm jewelry / Maybelline eyeshadow, $15 /Zara Knitted Beret / Crosley Portable Usb Spinnerette Turntable / Thrill Murray By Mike Coley


Now to the main hero of the story, Sam Shakusky. Although he accidentally lights fires in his sleep, he is one fly son of a bitch. Ever since I first saw this movie I’ve been on a wild goose chase for the perfect boy/girl scout uniform, patches, and a sash. I haven’t even got to the best part: Sam doesn’t believe in gender roles! When Suzy is asking him about his feminine brooch he tells her “It’s not actually meant for a male to wear, but I don’t give a damn.” Plus his raccoon hat is adorable (especially when he puts leaves under it to keep himself cool).


i don’t give a damn by themadmod featuring wingtip shoes

Uniqlo / MSGM houndstooth shorts / River Island wingtip shoes, $38 / Herschel leather handbag / Chain necklace / Nimbus silver earrings, $29 / Vintage sunglasses / vintage 1950’s uniform GIRL SCOUT dress and sash COTTON girls… / The Dangerous Book for Boys / Khaki Scout Badge – Made to Order – July 2013 production / Koi Watercolor Sets / Radio Portable Style Rétro Vintage, $22 / Woodland masks, owl, deer, fox, squirrel, rabbit, hedgehog, raccoon,…

Now go get your adventure pants on and start hunting for peter pan dresses and boy scout patches!

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August 5, 2013


Yesssss..loove all the clothes she wore!! Makes me want to put on my white knee-high socks right now. Awesome film.

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