Dearest Diary,

Summer isn’t so lazy. I’ve been having a hard time writing. I think it’s lack of constant human interaction or just a result of being post finals, post transfer acceptance, post everything laziness. The pink skies and late dinners have started. Mostly with my family, but I can’t complain. Damn, I missed these people? A few weeks ago I had a slumber party with one of my best friends. We never attended the same school so maintain a very healthy, not clingy relationship. You know, those people you can just sit next to reading a book with Beach House in the background, but you don’t even need to talk for 3 hours until someone reads a hilarious tweet and goes “wait what the fuck” at 2:37AM. That. It’s good not to always be talking, because then what if you actually run out of things to say? So instead you enjoy music you both love and read your respective books like the dorks you are and occasionally check in on the interweb to find something to laugh at. That’s what makes some friendships so sweet. Big theme for me this summer I think. I live for those weekends or afternoons you just spend with one great human being and you kind of enter your own world. Where the two of you exist on the same plain and everything either makes perfect sense or absolutely no sense at all, but it’s still okay. And you just walk through town at night coming home from the movies and it’s all hot and sticky and you pass oodles of cool older people out at bars and clubs and you’re just gabbing on and on you don’t even care that a cute guy looks at you. I refuse to proofread this because then I might turn it into a cohesive piece of writing, and that is not what my journal is. I don’t think. Is anyone following this? I left my real life journal at my summer home this past weekend. Sad day, but the doodles and collages will be back next time. For now I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to my favorite tunes and thinking happy thoughts about people I love and good times I’ve had. I spent about 17 thousand hours redoing this wall. I found my paint supplies. So that made me excited. I can’t paint to save my life but haaaa who cares. It’s all about enjoying yourself, even if you kind of totally suck. That shit doesn’t matter. I’m fading a bit in the brain right now, but I have so much to look forward to in the following weeks like concerts and museum dates and tanning in the sun I’m just so pleased with life right now I can’t even express myself! AHHH! Summertime feels right this year. No feeling alone of bored or tired, well yes tired, but just content. Makes me want to scream. In a really good way.

Summer aesthetic or ‘looks’ or vibes or whatever are big for me. Here are a few mood boards because it would be pretty lame for me not to give you darlings some cute visuals, right?

Much love,

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May 29, 2013