Although being an “alien” can be considered a bad thing or something totally scary, it can also mean looking your absolute cutest with the most original fashion. Whether it’s being an alien’s girlfriend or disappearing in a 1970’s haunted house, you always want to look your best. This month Roma and I talk about some of our favorite ~ALiEN~ films, and the out of this world fashion that lies within!


Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

One of the best Eighties’ movies ever happen to have aliens as some as the main characters, but they’re not your average alien. The fury three-some are played by Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, ,and Jeff Goldbloom, which makes them the hottest aliens ever. The movie takes place in a California salon where Valerie (played by Geena Davis) and Candy work. When they’re not giving make-overs to middle aged women, they’re dealing with alien antics, while looking their absolute hottest. Earth girls may be easy, but dressing as bitchin’ as Candy Pink is nearly impossible. Although the movie concentrates on Valerie and her alien babes, I’ve always paid way more attention to her BFF. Whether it’s her bouncy, red, curls or her tight crop tops, Candy is always looking flawless. Her style is the perfect combination of bad ass and girly, and every time I watch this movie I just want to run around in a petticoat and glue on some fake nails. ❤


Curl Up and Dye by themadmod

Jane Norman lace top, $26 / Cut out crop top, $26 / Vero Moda crop shirt, $22 / Ankle strap wedge sandal / Nali red jewelry / ALDO bracelet / Bracelet, $12 / claire’s vegan glove / River Island hair accessory, $8.04 / Bow hair clip / Black and white hair bow / Lips makeup, $6.43 /Haircare / Nail treatment


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Hausu (1977)

Hausu (Nobuhiko Obayashi)  is the epitome of bizarre surreal 1970’s greatness. It follows a group of teen girls who go visit one of their spooky aunts who turns out to be FREAKING CRAZY. Slowly but surely the girls begin to get killed in some of the most bizarre and gruesome ways. With a storyline that reminds me of twin peaks and the aesthetic of  a haunted disco this movie is not one to miss. The teens in this movie have the wardrobe of typical Japanese school girls which is perfect enough but with such a crazy backdrop  I wanted to create a look a little more pulpy and well out of this world to truly capture the craziness and deliciousness of this movie.


Hausu by tamponangel 

Topshop blazer / Happy Socks white socks, $16 / Bass shoes / Opening Ceremony backpacks bag / Topshop cross body / MAC Cosmetics lipstick

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November 15, 2013