When I first started writing this article, the topic of “fulfillment” stumped me.  I began by playing around with creating a list of movies about people who experienced personal fulfillment (think Electrick Children or Bliss in Whip It)  but then I thought that was too literal.   Then I tried to compile a list of TV shows and movies that had left me, and the rest of its audience, unfulfilled.  But that list got too long. I even played with the idea of writing a whole article dedicated to Jenny Slate’s masterpiece Obvious Child, but to no avail was I feeling capable enough of doing that movie justice.  (Honestly, if you haven’t seen Obvious Child I’m begging you to do so, it is revolutionary.)  After exhausting all of my ideas I was lost as to what to do.   
Which is when I opened up Netflix in a new tab and began watching the PowerPuff Girls for the fourth night in a row.  That’s when it dawned on me.  This past week has been incredibly stressful, even though it has been my spring break (shoutout to my professors for all the homework assigned on our last day of class).  My copious amount of homework paired with my extra hours at work have left me in an state of sleep deprivation and incurable anxiety.  But when I crawl into bed at 3 in the morning after work, I know I can count of the three Chemical X creations to make me forget about all the terrible customers I had to deal with that night.

The 1990s nostalgia brings me back to a time when my biggest concern was running out of bubblegum lipsmackers and having to use the watermelon one that I despised. While textbooks and countless sheets of paper cover me and my bed in a sheet of despair and stress, when I watch the PowerPuff Girls I can easily pretend they are my old PPG blanket that used to cover me in my childhood bedroom.   So although the PowerPuff Girls are not what you may think of when you first hear “fulfillment,”  they are what have fulfilled me during the most stressful spring break of my life.  Plus, they fulfill my hearts feminist desire for “girl power” tv shows.  

What’s your favorite TV show that fulfills you?

April 1, 2016