Hair is awesome because you can use it to express yourself in so many ways, and no matter what you do…it’s not permanent! I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was sixteen, but I never went more extreme than dyeing the tips, and since my natural hair color is relatively light, I never needed to bleach it to get a vibrant color. Then I got to college. I’ve always wanted to go blonde, and since movies tell you that college is a great time to experiment, I decided why not! Of course, like most firsts, plenty of mistakes were made. Since I didn’t have one, here’s a step-by-step guide on how I to get it right the first time!


What you’ll need:


Setting up:

1. Lay out your newspapers on the ground so your parents don’t absolutely kill you when globs of bleach fall on the floor.
2. Cut head and armholes in the trash bag and put it on to save your clothes!
3. Following the directions on the container, mix the appropriate amount of powder bleach and developer together in the bowl with the spoon until mixture has a pudding-like texture.
4. Brush out your hair completely.

Here we go!

1. You’re going to want to work in layers to achieve a thorough, even look. Using your clip, have your friend pin up all of your hair except the bottom layer. This is an important step! You DON’T want to find giant unbleached spots in your hair once you are done!
2. Next, your friend can dip his/her fingers into the bleach and begin applying it to your hair, the same way you would put in conditioner in the shower. Make sure they reach both ends of your hair, all the way to the roots.
3. Slowly repeat this process with each layer of hair, applying more bleach to each one, since it will be in for less time than lower layers.
4. Once the very top layer of your hair has been bleached, leave it in for 30 minutes. If by then it doesn’t seem ready, leave it in for no more than 15 more minutes.
5. When your hair seems ready, rinse it with cool water and shampoo and towel dry.
6. If needed, apply toner or dye using the same method you applied the bleach. Leave in for 15-20 minutes, and rinse in cool water.

a background photo of an array of red coloured metallic stars

Good luck and happy bleaching! And PLEASE tell your parents before you drastically change your hair….I don’t want to be responsible for any heart attacks.

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April 23, 2013


great tutorial ladies! once you have bleached and dyed a billion times you can do it yourself, or at least i’ve gotten the knack of bleaching by myself. my fav bleach is the ice cream brand and remember if you wanna be blonde it’s always good to wash with blue/purple shampoo to keep it more white/silvery rather than greenish/yellow xo

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