It’s nearly been a year since the shooting death Mike Brown and since then the police violence issue in America has been anything but resolved. It seems every week a new major case arises, the most recent ones being those of Sandra Bland and Sam Dubose. As of July 17th, there had only been 12 days this whole year in which police haven’t fatally shot or wounded someone. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is more than a just a protest, it is a protest being tested and redefined by every new case, every new face, every new name in the hopes of becoming a cure for this epidemic.

The photos in this post are of a very important night in Newark for me personally, and for the entirety of Newark and the United States as a whole. The most important lesson I took away from this night was this: as a non-Black person of color, I need to realize how important it is to use my privileges to spread the message of #BlackLivesMatter but not to make my voice louder than those of Black people for whom this movement is for.

I understood this best when, halfway during the march people’s voices were getting tired and the chants of “No justice, no peace! No racist police!” were dying down and these two girls in front of me (pictured in the second photo) revivified the crowd by shouting them as loud as they could accompanied by energizing shouts of “Let’s go!” to get the crowd going again and remind them why we were there, which they did to much success.

This protest was not a response to a trend. None of the many protests that have arisen before, during, or since the failure to indict Darren Wilson have been. Not only were we there to reflect upon the murder of Mike Brown and subsequent Ferguson protests and the inhumanity with which they were handled, but to really come together to really understand the vital importance of the existence and specificity of #BlackLivesMatter movement.


Jenoris Caba is a 21 year old ugly-and-body-positive Latinx writer and photographer living in Newark, New Jersey. Her two goals in life are to eradicate the stigma behind the word ugly and be able to survive off of taking pix. She loves Earl Sweatshirt and Fall Out Boy. Be sure to check out her website, twitter, and tumblr.

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August 8, 2015


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