Trying to pick my favorite concert is like trying to pick a favorite child.  I love and attend concerts quite often, whether they’re  stadium filled or in a backstreet bar.  We wanted to acknowledge and thank the musicians that have given us the shows of our lives.

A good show can stay with you for years, a great show can stay with you forever.  Last night I saw Miley Cyrus, a month ago was Childish Gambino.  I have somewhat eclectic taste.   Oh Land, Kanye West, Beyonce, John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift,  Kate Nash, Lianne La Havas, and Best Coast were some of my favorite shows I attended in 2013.  For me, a 5 star concert is are not only the headliners giving their all but also a stellar opening act (sometimes unknown beforehand).  I asked our rad staff to share their ‘Best Concert Ever!’ story and they happily obliged.  If you too want to share your best concert(s) ever experience, email me at

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I intentionally put the Taylor’s next to each other because they’re so different!  Both tall, thin, and blonde girls named “Taylor”, polar opposites on the music scene.  I used to be so in to Taylor Momsen’s band ‘The Pretty Reckless’. I had been following her music from when she first started at age 15, I saw this particular set in Pontiac,MI which was one of my all time favorite concerts because I had never heard of the opener , A Thousand Horses, but they were so soulful and I found a new act to love!  Since then, I’ve seen her live in two states for a total of 6 times.  Unfortunately I don’t love her new music as much so I haven’t been to her recent shows.

Oh Land opened for Sia in 2011 but I went for Oh Land, solely!  She’s a wonderful Danish singer living in Brooklyn whose former status as a ballerina (before she hurt her leg) allows for her dance moves to be unique and intricate.  Her music is a blast because she throws herself in to it (I saw her in Ohio again this past October and I am still in awe).  Kate Nash was amazing, I love the opener, Supercute! and I was happy to meet her afterwards.  After her show I felt like I could take on the world!  Grrl power! Taylor Swift paired with Ed Sheeran, was literally magic.  Usually I am fine with balcony seats as I had for Kanye and Beyonce but with Taylor, I wanted to be all encompassed with the show.  I was really happy when I touched her hand, haha.  <3


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Those are my 4 favorite photos from the Marina and the Diamonds concert at the House of Blues in Boston! She is a fabulous lady, I’m a huge fan. ~Gabriel


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My favorite concert ever was Fleetwood Mac last October in Antwerp. They were playing in ‘Het Sportpaleis’ which is my least favorite concert venue in Belgium but it was so magical. The tickets were all sold out but I fixed something with a guy that organizes concerts and me and two friends (also die hard fans) went. There were almost only old people and during the show they kept sitting down in their seats but we were like fuck it and stood up and danced and sang a long the whole time. When Stevie started singing Gold Dust Woman we actually cried and when John did his Big Love guitar solo we screamed at the top of our lungs. It was amazing. After the concert we stayed over in Antwerp but the next day was a school day and of course we overslept and I only arrived at school around 11 am but it was all worth it!~Ibe


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Sasquatch, like most music festivals, is filled with sweat, annoying drunk bros, and maybe a little music. By the third day I was exhausted and just a little existential (who doesn’t when you are seeing 5+ concerts a day?) And then St. Vincent happened. It was the 3rd time I had seen her live and she was just as brilliant as ever. There were a bunch of incredible moments, but the best was her performance of “KROKODIL”, a chaotic punk anthem that included her crowd surfing WHILE singing. It was beautiful and gave me faith in music, art, and life. ~Hannah S.



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Burgerama II: Seattle, WA- September 20, 2013

The Growlers, Together Pangea, La Luz, Cosmonauts, The Memories, Colleen Green, Gap Dream all in one night. It’s hard to imagine that a lineup could get any better (save for the recent Burgerama III, because WOW). When I first heard about The Growlers in February of last year they became an instant obsession of mine, so when my phone notified me that they were coming to Seattle I was HYPED. Once I got to Neumos (the venue) the day of the show I realized that it was a mini festival of sort. There was a whole lineup and I got even more JAZZED! Each band/artist was STELLAR and I even got to say hi to Brooks (lead singer of The Growlers) before the show!

Wavves, King Tuff, Jacuzzi Boys: Seattle, WA- October 19, 2013

And of course this show was unforgettable as well! Not only did I get to spend the night with some of my best friends, but we all got to hang out with Tuffy for like 20 minutes! He was SO COOL! He signed our jackets and coined us the “Denim Demonz”. As a long time fan of both Wavves, Jacuzzi Boys and King Tuff, it was a surreal experience to see them all play in the same night. So between singing along to Wavves with King Tuff and dancing like crazy to the awesome tunes, this show was an all around hoot!~Reilly



My best concert experience has been seeing the legendary shoegaze band, My Bloody Valentine at 2013’s FYF music festival in Los Angeles. Just as one would expect, the music was intensely loud and beautiful–so much, that the sound cut out twice. Seeing Bilinda Butcher & Kevin Shields playing songs from the 1991 album “Loveless” in front of my eyes was a dream come true and I’m pretty sure my heart melted.” Here is the only photo I have of me and my friend Negine in the crowd. ~Emily

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April 13, 2014


I am so grateful for being able to see people like Robyn, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Marina and Diamonds, Icona Pop, and Paul McCartney and this posts makes me feel nostalgic.

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