Astreauxlogy: Same Sign/Different Personalities
art by Molly McAlea

If astrology can tell you so much about someone’s personalities, how come identical twins aren’t exactly the same?

This is a really great question, and definitely one of the things that trips up most people who are skeptical about astrology. The fact of the matter is that astrological charts are complex, and offer a vast multitude of possibilities for how a person might end up. What qualities they have depends on which possibilities they “live out” – by circumstances that happen to them in life, as well as the choices they themselves make.

Let’s think of an astrology chart like we would think of genetic material. Having a certain gene might encode you to have a greater possibility of developing a medical condition, for example, but whether or not you absolutely do develop it depends on a ton of things, like your lifestyle choices, the environment you live in, and maybe an element of chance. Having your sun in a certain sign might offer a greater possibility that you will harbor some qualities, but whether or not you actually do depends on a ton of other things, like other elements of your birth chart, the choices you make and the experiences you have.

Identical twins have the same basic map of genetic material, but respond differently to environmental stimuli, thus activating different genes. Likewise, in astrology, they have birth charts that are only minutely different, but different characteristics and qualities get “activated” by the full sum of their differing life experiences.

One of the most important things to know about astrology is that it is not meant to be used as an indicator of your absolute fate – it merely offers up the conditions that you’re working with and allows you to make the choices and decide how they play out. You might have a contentious chart, filled with clashing aspects that create huge big schisms in your personality or point to misfortune – this doesn’t mean you can’t work around the faults you know you have or watch out for the conflicts that you might be more likely to fall into. Likewise, your chart could be filled to the brim with potential, but if you never act on it, nothing will happen. You might naturally be musically inclined, but if you never practice, you won’t be a concert pianist. Your astrological aspects are second to your human will.

Basically, twins’ astrological aspects give them the same predispositions, but because they’re separate individuals who make different choices, they do not “live out” the charts in the same way and therefore are not the same people! Nobody with the same birth chart is exactly alike, just like nobody with the same sun sign is exactly alike – that’s just kind of ridiculous to expect. What astrology can tell you is what faults and strengths you can have. Each sign has good and bad aspects, negative and positive possibilities. People with strong Aries aspects can be headstrong or a trailblazer. Virgo can be neurotic or fastidious. Leo can be a bright sun or a black hole. Pisces can be delusional or dreamy. At the end of the day, you’re the one in control of what you want to put into this world.

To make sure you all understand this concept, I’m going to start a series where we compare the good and bad sides to each sign, so keep checking back!

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May 17, 2013