Astreauxlogy: Prom
art by Essine


Aries is absolutely the first on the dance floor, trying to make it a good time for everyone.

Taurus smiles and says hi to everyone, then sits at their table with their BFF or date making fun of people (in a very benign way!) and making sure they get their money’s worth re: dinner.

Gemini is flitting around, chatting to everyone, checking up on who is going to whose party afterwards. Gemini is also probably the person who wore a vintage dress and put, like, one clip in their hair.

Cancer loves shit like prom! They love that everyone’s together for a last sentimental moment. They are probably the ones who end up getting emotional about everyone going away, though. This song makes them cry.

Leo, more likely than not, is wearing the most outrageous outfit and dancing the night away with Aries. They then decide that they’re bored after a few well-documented photo ops and slinks away.

Virgo stressed about what they were going to wear up until the last second. They then showed up late for pictures because they were stressed about their date’s outfit. Then, Virgo put on a happy face and was very gracious to everyone, but secretly spent all of prom stressing about what they were going to do afterward. Gets very drunk afterward.

Libra probably is prom queen. Takes a picture with pretty much everyone, but keeps trying to make eyes with ~*~*That Special Someone*~*~

Scorpio definitely tries very hard to show everyone up, outfit-wise. They’re also making moves on their date and probably want to go back to the limo and bone.

Sagittarius is the person trying to get people to do shots out of Poland Spring bottles in the bathroom with them and is rounding up the crowd towards the end to head to the afterparty.

Capricorn is nearly about to break out in hives because they hate socializing in big groups so much. Cap is probably also putting a lot of energy into avoiding their date.

I vote Aquarius definitely most likely to skip out on prom. If they did go, they trolled and wore something ridiculous.

Pisces is either fiddling around on their phone playing Whale Trail or darting around teachers to sneak outside and go smoke.

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May 3, 2013


OMG I have prom this year and I’m a libra and I feel it was totally accurate apart from the prom queen part. I don’t think I will be prom queen. Anyway, Essine I love your art!

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