Astreauxlogy: Meet Capricorn
illustration by Aimee Bee Brooks

Capricorns are:


Capricorns are the freshmen in college who have already declared a triple major. They are the people who actually have an answer, in detail, when you ask what their five year plan is. They are incredibly hardworking and devoted people, able to set long-term goals and climb right on up to them (that’s why they’re known as the goat, symbolically.) This can also make them rather off-putting at times. They’re the frustrating type of overachiever whose molehill-sized problems end up getting more conversation than the mountains others might be scaling, though this goes the other way, too – they can be awfully talkative about the little things, just so they don’t have to address the emotional elephant in the room. Anyway, Capricorns are the people who blow off plans with the excuse that they’re studying and actually mean it. They can be cutthroat, but only if they don’t care about you.


To continue that previous thought, Capricorns are especially discerning about who they care about, but once you make that inner circle, you will be an emotional fixation of theirs for life – for better or for worse. Unlike some chattier signs, Capricorn never loses their competitive edge by blabbermouthing. They often keep their lips zipped about goings-on in their lives, which can be frustrating – they’re hard shells to crack. They aren’t interested in entertaining acquaintances with little stories about themselves just for the sake of politeness, and often cloak their true identities behind rough-edged, icy fronts. However, they are incredibly invested in true friendship and can be surprisingly affectionate. To their credit, they’ll never go around shedding the secrets of anyone they respect, even after a friendship’s demise.


Capricorns have a very set-in-stone way that they see the world. Because they’re so intelligent, they often extrapolate their concrete understandings of life as they’ve experienced it to apply for everyone else. They question people who make decisions that they wouldn’t, which can come off as quite judgemental. However, once you’ve earned their respect, they think the world of you and will take your word for anything and your knowledge for truth. It is only through the people they admire and model themselves after that they can parlay their ambition in a social setting – and it is through those people that their ideas about the world seismically shift.


Capricorns are the Benjamin Buttons of the zodiac. They are wise children, giving off an air of eerie solemnity and seriousness, which often makes them isolated and more drawn to outlets of knowledge than social interaction in their youth. In late adolescence, their concern with achievement becomes punctuated experimentation as they model themselves after their more youthful peers. It is after their hard work finally pays off and their labour comes to fruition and their long-dreamt-of success is achieved that they loosen up and get a chance to play – which makes them very amusing company as adults, willing to indulge their appetite for whimsy.

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August 9, 2013


This is a very accurate synopsis of Capricorns, a lot of time we get a negative wrap that I find to be not true. I love this, because it is positive and true. Great Job!

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