Astreauxlogy: June 2013
collage by Justine

Welcome to the halfway point of 2013! The rest of the year’s focus for the world as a whole deals with reconciling progress with structural obstacles. It’s an optimistic, yet challenging outlook – conditions improve on the surface, new ideas come to fruition, but actual change still struggles against locked tradition.

The sun is in GEMINI for most of the month, reaching CANCER around the 21st. Gemini season, the start of the summer, is always fraught with opportunities and choices. Juggling and balancing needs and wants, practicality and fun, is a major theme of this month. Don’t squander opportunities for memory-making, but don’t forget your larger goals. Take this time to outline what you want and what you need to make happen in order to get there.


An imbalanced lifestyle has been catching up with you. Your mood has been swinging back and forth from “a little on the testy side” to “downright aloof,” and your sleep has been suffering from stress. Maybe the workload got really rough on you towards the end of the semester, or whatever. You need to quite honestly chill the heck out. I know you hate cliches, but you’ve been sweating the small stuff, and gurl, you need to stop. People often forget that Gemini is ruled by Mercury — because unlike your mercurial sibling, Virgo, your neuroses don’t take casual strolls across your face when something’s up. Your airy demeanor gives you a penchant for looking cool and unruffled, even when your feathers are in a knot. But your passion aggression in a given moment can rival nearly any other sign in the zodiac. Guess what: time to bite your tongue. You don’t need to be right all of the time. You’re giving someone close to you an inferiority complex with your tense stubbornness. You need the emotional support, so stop snapping at this person and isolating yourself further into your imagined hellhole of unnavigable stress. You probably ARE right this time, but it will be all the more satisfying when things pan out and back you up. The situation at stake isn’t dire or timely enough for you to be flipping shits and taking names. You need to think about things from the other perspective. On the career and purchasing front, you need to lock down that job, promotion, or big investment before July, when your home planet goes retrograde and will throw you out of whack. You actually should stand to have some productive gains this summer, but only if you settle into a routine or big choice before Mercury pummels straight through your sense of judgement.


The first half of the year was a bit trying for you, Cancer. You had a vision of what you wanted the next chapter in your life to look like, but had to leave a major decision to fate and hope for the best. The solution that came up wasn’t the one you’d planned for, but it was still fortuitous and made you feel really happy or “at peace,” at the very least. Perhaps you didn’t get into the school you expected to, and had to reconcile the idea of another adventure – a different institution, or perhaps a trip. Maybe you expected a job search or social situation to pan out differently than it did. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you’ve done a wonderful job of finding the positive in the cards you’ve been dealt and you’re truly excited about what’s to come. However, you may not be emotionally prepared for how this major reorientation is going to affect you and your existing ties. You have Mercury in your sign this month, and you’re going to want to have a lot of conversations about this transition period you’re going through. The new phase that you’re about to enter into will restructure the entire way you think and operate – you had a taste of this during last month, when big eclipses shook up your worldview and the response to a pet project you worked on was vastly different from what you’d expected. In the coming months, you are going to become a different person and people who know you as you are won’t know where you’re coming from. You’ve always seemed like such a stable personality in their lives, and they may frankly be jarred by your rapid growth. Question nothing and be proud of yourself. I don’t see you casting friendships or relationships away, so much as I see you renegotiating the way others see you. There’s a ripe opportunity for self-transformation that you can’t shy away from. Embrace it, and above all be proud of yourself. The new ideas and relationships you’ll generate shouldn’t be dismissed or stagnated. Don’t be self-conscious. Single Cancers stand to have harmonious new connections; coupled Cancers will have to put some effort into communicating with their lovers about wants and needs. Shit will get aired out when Mercury and Venus in your sign oppose Pluto in icy, practical Capricorn from June 7th for five days – if you have any objections, speak now. The repercussions will only get nastier, but right now the worst that can happen is fairly benign. June 21st will see you acting extra moody – hold your tongue and don’t say anything pessimistic, because Jupiter is coming to bail out all your nasty self-doubts and anxieties just a few days later. At the end of the month, you’re feeling a lot more confident and prepared about where you stand – no matter who’s standing with you.


Six months ago, you’d be astonished but probably pleased about where you are now. You successfully navigated choppy waters and brought closure to a project or relationship that wasn’t working. The future is lining up for you exactly as you’d like it, and you’re finally headed in the right direction. You have a choice to make this month, though. Things haven’t gone as smoothly for friends and acquaintances. Your options are to support them and divert your own energy from your new projects, or to remain elusive and focus on yourself. You need to prioritize your most meaningful interactions and be a mentor figure to the people you really believe in, because you’ve been through the worst of it. Instead of feeling distracted by all of the people tugging at your attention, feel important – you really mean a lot more to someone who’s asking for your opinion, and your good grace will be rewarded in good time. Somebody who you’re willing to give a helping hand or a listening ear right now might be highly beneficial in the future. Don’t doubt someone who comes with you to a proposal in business – their ideas are different from yours, but stick with them and you could see combined success in the future. Those who you put on the backburner will be forgiving or understanding. Your friends have higher opinions of you than you’re giving yourself credit for – they trust you and really do think highly of you and want you to succeed. Take time out this month to rest and reconnect. This is not the month to strut your stuff and show off; this is a time to take a breather. Push work goals out of your mind, because you will get burnt out, and you need your energy for when Venus in Leo rejuvenates your fire on the 27th. Feeling dispassionate is one of your biggest frustrations, but until your enthusiasm returns, just look at it as karmic refocusing.


I’ll be blunt: your paranoias and your fears are entirely self-created. This is both a negative and a positive. The bad news is, you’ve trapped yourself into feeling isolated and caught between two desires. The good news is that your delusions are just that – not real. Come back down to earth, Virgo. Thinking clearly and practically are two strengths of yours you’ve been ignoring out of fear – fear of being judged, fear of being a stick-in-the-mud. You need to take care of yourself now more than ever. Your friends and family haven’t been distant – you’ve been alienating them with your fears of being pushed away, so relax and stop worrying. Schedule some time with everyone you need to see equally and shut up the voice in your head telling you you’re making a grave error by opening up. There’s no need to have your heart on lockdown; no one is out to get you. It’s not that you’re wrong about having your guard up – you’ve been burnt badly in recent memory. But your carefulness and caution is actually the stoking the fire. Douse it and let the past be. Concentrate on what’s at hand now. Your big summer project – something you’ve been meaning to make real for a very long time – is within your grasp, so do what Virgo does best: research, plan, hunker down and goddamn deliver. You’re more than capable of being exceptional and showing off your stuff. Everybody’s waiting on your decision, and the world can’t wait to see what you can do. Don’t let stage fright keep you from getting out there, because if you play these next few weeks right, you serve to have both many more opportunities as well as some spiritual peace for the rest of the year. Stop daydreaming and live the dream before it slips through your fingertips.


I know it’s been a rough ride, Libra. Saturn transits have been rough on you for the past few years – after pummeling your first house of identity, drastically shaking you up, the planet of tough love has been cramping your finance sector. Though you really feel an ambitious pull, the squeeze on your wallet and opportunities has been dampening your mood a bunch. Thankfully, at the end of June, Jupiter enters your house of honor. You’ll be able to finally make some inspiring gains in career or other achievements, and you’ll be moving up in the world again. Jupiter will really kick into high gear later this summer, so start off with travel this month, if possible. If you don’t plan on traveling, take some time to yourself to do some quiet, rejuvenating activities. Make time for a spa day or other small pampering treat to get your nerves back in order.

You might be in ties to sign a lease or negotiate another long-term living situation towards the end of the month. You’ll want to clamp down that agreement around the 17th-20th if you can, because Mercury retrograde at the very tail end of the month could either throw a wrench in your plans, or land you with a decision you’ll pay for in time. That’s also a great time because of great vibes in general for the entire zodiac – Jupiter and the Sun are flirting – so whoever is on the other end of this deal will be agreeable and accommodating to you. This is your month for career gains as well as a nice time to plan academic pursuits and focus on your living space – try out some DIY projects to freshen up your environment, to keep you productive and inspired as new work comes into your life. Romance seems more casual at this time, either because it’s already going really well or because it’s just not the time for you to meet someone.


This will be a big financial month for you as well. This is the time for you to use your entrancing powers to secure funds for whatever projects you’re planning for the rest of the year. It’s also a fortuitious time when money you’ve been expecting to come into will arrive – no surprise windfalls, but perhaps something that’s been tied up for so long you’ve neglected it. Time to make getting it a priority again. You know exactly what situation you’re collecting funds for, so go ahead and go after it. Securing your place monetarily will help you engender the rest of the plans to make it happen. Scan through old connections and phone numbers you’ve taken down but forgotten about – tons of untraditional channels will be willing to help you out right now. Don’t make any brash decisions on June 8 – Uranus and Mercury are having a row, and it’s an unstable time. You don’t have all of the information you need yet, and tensions might be temperamental. Wait ten days for sunnier aspects. Now is also a good time to head to the doctor and take care of that minor issue that’s been slowly nagging at you for a bit. As for fun and romance? Bubbly Venus transits your fellow water sign Cancer for the duration of the month. I see a lot of flingy sort of fun in early June. Also, if you’ve been planning a major change in your look – a new style change, dyeing your hair, investing in a new handbag – do so as soon as possible. A complementary Venus transit is the perfect time to make the most flattering choices, but Mercury retrograde crashes the party at the end of the month, upsetting your beauty rest.


For a sign that’s usual the lone wolf or Ms. Independent type, June might be a surprising month. You might walk straight into a relationship at the time you least expect it, or perhaps your current babe will be taking a big step with you – putting a proverbial ring on it, so to speak. Or maybe you’re just enjoying extra intimate time with new and old friends. Whatever the case, there will be plenty of out-of-this-world, soul-bearing bonding time this month. For more business-minded Sagittarians, perhaps a new associate will really take the cake and blow you out of the water this month. The only reason I think this new surprise trends more “romantic” is because of Uranus zinging about your love sector. Go get em. You have awesomely pleasant aspects for housing and long-term finances this month, so I wouldn’t sweat that – something really lucky is probably going to fall into place over the next four weeks. Some kind of happy commitment will be made around this time.
I really do feel, however, that the type of conversations you’ll have this month will be less about finances or practical things and more about earth-shaking, world-view-changing type deals. Whatever happens, you’re going to have a really optimistic outlook.


You are a busy bee this month with a lot of decisions to make. You have a turning point coming up in your career or workplace. Perhaps it’s a new position, but I feel more it’s about the type of direction you want to go in overall. Maybe you’ll make the decision to continue schooling, fill out an application, or otherwise let your ambition lead you on a new adventure. You have a wonderful opportunity to impress impressive people this month, so go out and rub those elbows. This is also a great month to get your fitness routine in order, because you’re so incredibly extra-motivated – and Cap is already super-motivated, so I have no idea what you’re even concocting for yourself. You’re like Superwoman this month, getting so much done and everyone will be perplexed at how you manage to do it. Set that new plan or routine into motion at the bountiful new moon around the week of June 8th – join a class, take up a hobby, sign up for that membership. Jupiter has been in your house of preventative health for a while and is leaving this month, so make sure all of your regular health check-ups and visits are in order. This isn’t a particularly romantic month for single Capricorns – it’s definitely more about “me time.” But that should change, as the house Jupiter is moving into is your sector of commitment. Ooh la la. Something super important or the fruitful end to a long-term idea or commitment appears at the full moon in your sign on the 23rd. This is a great time to tie up a loose end and reap the benefits, as Mercury retrograde is gearing up to ruin everyone’s plans during July. Coupled Capricorns may have an important conversation with their loved one at this time. Single Capricorns could take a risk on someone who’s been in the picture for the preceding few weeks.


This is one of your best months in 2013. It’s time for you to clamp down and make all of your big bright ideas a reality. It’s so close, and I know you can feel it. On the romance front, Jupiter has been transiting your house of true love for a year, and I hope he did his job bringing that special one to you. However, because of some busy work with career or school, things haven’t been very relaxing since last summer, and this magic transit may have floated past you. Thankfully, Jupiter will kiss you goodbye and send some extra luck to you around the new moon on June 8th. This is the time to make a special gesture and sow the seeds for happy growth for a very long time. Along with that lucky planet, a few others will be basically throwing a party in your true love sector – plan a really special date for your girlfriend, or finally come out and tell that boy you’re in love with him. It’d be extremely unlucky for it to go badly this month – like, spectacularly unusual. Single Aquarians should take this time to do a lot of poking around, traveling, and going out – someone special could be anywhere, but they’re not going to materialize in your house. The Sun and Jupiter will flirt through June 17-19, also pleasantly aspecting your love house, so perhaps you’ll meet again at that time.

In terms of work, something you’ve done and underestimated could use some revisiting and reworking – it could bring you a lot of fortune. Someone you’ve met previously and have good karmic relations with could hook you up with a job offer once Mercury goes retrograde on the 26th.


You are FINALLY going to catch a break and some good news this month. You’ve been working really hard or deliberating about something work-related for a long time. Whatever it is, you finally get it worked out around now. You’ve also got some great weekends coming up this month. The 15th and following weekend is a wonderful time for a spontaneous trip – hit the beach for some rest with good friends, perhaps. At the 23rd, a friend may invite you to a party with a bunch of people you don’t know. GO. It will be a blast, and you could meet some really inspiring people. Coquettish Venus transits your sister sign Cancer at this time – time to blow a ton of money on a new wardrobe, update your look, and mingle, especially if you’re single. A new work opportunity or other big, long-lasting deal could materialize on the 19th.


Up and down, back and forth. That’s how things have been going for you lately. It’s not the worst place to be, but it can certainly get frustrating. You’re not at your wit’s end, but you’re perplexed – as the zodiac’s trailblazer, you’re so not used to this whole two steps forward, one step back deal. This summer, you’ll probably be out of your element working on some sort of team or group project or in conjunction with one. You’re better at operating independently, so you’ll be thrown a little out of whack. The super silly thing is that you’re second guessing yourself in the first place! You know better than that – you’re usually so good at calling the shots. Tune out excess voices and don’t fall prey to other people’s requests and recommendations – you have a really good sense of intuition right now. Follow your instincts, think outside of the box, and make moves all on your own, and things should fall into place – other people will throw you off with their lack of confidence. It will all be worth it: you’ll be facing some sort of career milestone or other cause for celebration towards the end of the month.
You’re super busy this month, being really productive, but you have time to plan a short, affordable trip in mid-June. Perhaps this will happen on the 16th, when Uranus in your sign will aspect favorably against Mars and create a pleasant surprise and happy vibes for the rest of that weekend. You’ll also want to travel or get away from home or family between the 8th and this magical weekend because arguments with a relative could sully your carefree mood.

Venus will be in a pleasant spot for dazzling romantic vibes from June 26 through July for you, but Mercury will retrograde at the same time. Perhaps you’ll meet up with an old flame, or maybe someone from the past you’ve overlooked will come out of the woodworks a much more attractive partner.


Yay! I think you’re going to have a fun summer after a little bit of stress or heartache got to you this year. You have positive aspects for travel this month. I think you’d do best planning a few small day trips or other short distance excursions with your pals, maybe a family member. You need time to enjoy yourself with people you feel comfortable around and don’t need to impress. Plus, you have some networking to do — any career gains you make this month will be through meeting higher-up people who might take a liking to you and help you out. The only big problem this month is a Mars transit that’s throwing your love life out of whack a bit. If you’re a coupled Taurus, you’ve likely been feeling distant from your partner at various points and you’re not even sure what’s up from down at this point. Or perhaps petty argument have become hard-hitting and painful on a regular basis. Either way, you know it’s not healthy and it’s been getting to you. Try to be peaceful and loving this month, but if your partner isn’t willing to engage in conversations about important concerns you have, I would really sit down and look at how much you’re able to handle. Mercury retrograde next month will only amp up miscommunications, mangled words, and dredged-up information that got lost in the past — if this relationship has been keeping you from taking care of yourself and your self-esteem, it’s time for some kind of breather or change of pace. Single Tauruses should have some hot and heavy connections during their travels this month, but I wouldn’t put my money on anything too lasting. Plus, with retrograde next month, you might want to keep your doors open. The only good thing about Merc retro is its ability to rekindle old flames — perhaps your one that got away is around the corner?

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June 1, 2013