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Aries is the bounce-back queen. Life seems like it’s easier for them just because they’re so good at shaking off failure.

Though Taurus is very sociable and makes friends easily, they are certainly not crowd-pleasing types. Blending in is not their strong suit.

Gemini’s intellectual understanding of the small things in life often comes off as pretension. The truth is, they are incredibly eloquent and thoughtful people who don’t need to care immensely about something to think about it in a serious way.

Cancer is good at looking simple, like nothing’s going on in there. Really, they’re emotionally complex and somewhat private.

Aquarius doesn’t actually think they’re better than other people, but they totally come off that way.

Leo’s inner child…is Leo. They are eternally young-seeming people. Other signs get envious of them for being able to seem so stress-free and playful.

You know that stereotype about all Virgos being batshit craycray? That’s because of the whole “attention to detail, misses the big picture” thing. Virgo is the type to get blackout drunk and remember to floss. If Virgo’s life is in shambles, the laundry still gets done.

Libra, like all air signs, can secretly be a total cyborg. They can take their heart out of a situation and continue on with their day. They try to solve emotional situations by, ironically, casting their emotions aside.

Scorpios hate flattery, or, rather, it perturbs them because it’s not enough – it’s too shallow. They want to know that you’re completely consumed by them.

Sag is really chatty without even noticing, which means they sometimes interrupt or talk over people. However, as often as they accidentally say something tactless, they’re also the zodiac’s philosophers – they accidentally drop the most brilliant insights or natural understandings of the world.

Half of the reason Capricorn comes off as cold is just because they’re so skeptical – they’re extremely wary of other people. They come off like they’re too good for everyone else, but really they are just incredibly cautious with their hearts.

Never underestimate a Pisces’s intelligence. They come off bubbly and cute and fun, but they always know exactly what’s going on. Wonderful at reading body language and eyes.

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August 2, 2013


Riiiiigghttttt, Girrrrrrrrrrl. Where’s mah taurus? (I’m a taurus. I’m miserable. I don’t see taurus on the list.)

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