Salutations groovy babes, and welcome to another month of treasure! As usual, we played off of this month’s theme by using it as an excuse to SPOIL ourselves. Especially because it’s a super stressful time of year, whether it’s dealing with family, figuring out what to get everyone for the holidays, finals, and oh boy, we all know the list could go on! Well, that being said, November is a perfect month to Treat Yo’ selfXOXO, Fashion Editor, Tessa Ehrman 



So I’m kind of going through a mid-life closet crisis. Although I know I have an outstanding wardrobe, I can’t help but to be dissatisfied, and almost sick of the vintage threads I took so long to acquire. Maybe I just need change… who knows? That being said, I have been on a mission to get rid of and replace a lot of stuff in my closet. I’m only keeping basic pieces (like camisoles, jeans, leggings, etc.), and searching for the most bad ass unique pieces I can get my hands on. I’m at that point in my life where I feel like it’s better to have a smaller closet that contains show-stopping pieces. Now, that being said, I recently got these three vintage treasures at Buffalo Exchange in Austin (one of the best Buffalo’s I’ve ever been to, but by far the worst parking lot on the plant). Each piece was about $20 each, which is actually a lot for me, but I feel like it was totally worth it. Where else are you going to be able to find a teal poncho with gold fringe and a beautifully hand made orange dream dress? Nowhere I know! That being said, I felt like it was totally okay to spoil myself this month.


10808185_10204803894713970_786627468_n copyWhenever I make a deadline for university work I run straight to the American Apparel in town. I’m now embarrassingly on first name terms with all the staff and they know the reason for these monthly trips, with the counter girl calling them my “vanity days.” I completely spoiled myself and bought a turtle neck top, convincing myself that it was essential for the weather and my happiness. The great thing about this top is that it goes with absolutely everything I own: Light blue mom jeans, tight black jeans, pencil skirts etc. It so happens that this month I had to hand in two essays! I found a bargain online with ASOS, buying an American Apparel high waisted denim skirt for half price. Although AA purchases do fall into my normal buying habits, I refuse to spend above £10 anywhere else. I’ve wanted a pair of shell toe trainers for ages and finally found this pair of pink Slazenger’s in my size for £5 on ebay! They’re probably my best buy of the month as I’ve worn them nearly every day and they’re super comfortable. Finally, I bought my heart connector velvet choker from lilac edge store online. It’s super cute and was around £3.50 with a discount. I’ve also worn it pretty much every day as it’s so comfortable for a choker.


image image

By no means would I call myself “spoiled” but I can’t deny that I’ve presented myself as such lately. Thanks to test and review work with Influenster I had $35 in eBay gift cards, $10 from eBay for a screw up on their part, and $25 I put in myself. I’ve also made a few sales. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not spoiled, rather I’m addicted to eBay. When I first started purchasing my goal was just to buy all five seasons of The Vampire Diaries. What about the change though? Of course I used stray change for random jewelry, a phone case, and other small things from China based sellers – often where the best deals will come from. I had an idea for something cute and top-secret I’m putting together and eBay was the perfect place to get everything. Eight blank cassette tapes, headphones, cute stationery, even a cassette player. Advice: don’t buy cassette players from eBay! 2/2 didn’t work and weren’t as described. Thanks to the fear of eBay staff being contacted, I was given a refund with no hassle. (The same went for the two sellers that had sold me counterfeit DVDs.) The price of facial piercing jewelry even convinced me to go through with my nostril piercing. With 8 orders still open, I think it’s safe to say I love eBay. My favourite thing, however, came digital with money from a sale: music by Sicangu Lakota hip-hop artist and activist, Frank Waln.


10816114_699152880204579_973247691_n copy

Where I live, there is a thrift store my friends and mom and I absolutely love; it’s so incredibly cheap and big that I always ALWAYS find things to buy (usually bags full for under $30). They also take donations so my closet is pretty much a cycle of me essentially renting from Thrift Town. I go there at least twice every month, though this month I’ve only made it once (it getting close to the end of the semester, I’ve had one million projects to finish). So this first and last outfits are all completely Thrift Town. The middle outfit is from a Vintage shop literally up the street from my house called Down at Lulu’s. I have no idea why I don’t go there every day because it’s less than a five minute walk from my house and there is always a rack in front of all $5-$10 sale for vintage stuff! This middle dress was $5…like wHAT??
I’ve been really into translucent looks for fall (with cute bralettes underneath). Since I live in California, it’s not really cold for the most part so I ‘ve been wearing tons of sheer stuff with tights or light sweaters to keep it warmer. In fact, all three of these looks feature sheer clothing.
I’ve paired each outfit with a journal page from my latest journal. I have a lot of hour long breaks between my classes during the week, so I’ve been doing A LOT of art–I filled one journal in the first quarter and I’m almost halfway through this next one. I found pages that go with the colour scheme of each ~look~.



This fall I’ve been really into the style of 70’s groupies and rocker chicks, really digging bellbottoms and platforms and such. Everything glam has been a huge draw for me. It just so happened that one of my good friends was selling a lot of her old clothes online, and so I decided to check out her selection. When I saw this shag coat, I fell in love! Candyfloss pink is a great color for anything really, but especially for flamboyant faux furs. I bought it immediately of course (extra great that it was in my size.) Whenever I wear it I feel like a walking carpet, it’s amazing. I love getting fashion inspiration (and in this case actual clothing!) from my friends. Everyone has a unique aesthetic sense, and I think you can get a lot of ideas from the styles of people you admire. If I hadn’t checked out my friend’s closet to see what she was selling I wouldn’t have even found this beauty! It was a bit of a splurge (and it was originally from Urban Outfitters so I can only imagine what she paid for it in the first place!) but it was worth it on all levels.


Featured Image by Ebonni


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November 30, 2014