The Babe Rainbow drips through your ears with a naïveté that most have already forgotten. Somewhere, sometime, we all once dreamt of a world of sweet, Technicolor sunrises and free love, where in wistful forests flowers bloomed perpetually and our souls were swept dreamily into the Isle of Skye.

Perhaps even childlike, the drifting psychedelic lyrics and distant vocals of ‘Love Forever’ seem to purvey a mythical essence akin to that of early Donovan or The Incredible String Band. Even taking a peep at the garb of the Australian trio, hailing from Byron Bay, they may appear to have stepped out of Haight-Ashbury, or maybe a Piper at the Gates of Dawn reverie of sorts. The group blossomed from the 2012 epoch of Australian psychedelia, of which Tame Impala found mainstream acclaim, and have surfaced on the shores of the inflorescent sunflowers of times past. Currently they are touring in the United States.

Max Tynan

Where are you from? Over-the-rainbow-bridge in the everything garden.

What are your names and what instruments do you play, respectively? Angus Darling – lead vocal, drums Jack ‘Cool-Breeze’ Crowther – guitar, vocals Elliot ‘Lovewisdom’ Blue Spirt – bass, vocals.

What is the genesis of your names? Why do they change? i.e., Snap, Cracckle, Pop Snap crackle & pop are from the cereal box! Ash May won us in hers. You know cool-breeze is the stickiest nick name I’ve ever tried on… Our names usually adapt to whichever short film we are working on at the time.


How long have you been a band together? 2 years but before that we were a butterfly.

What are your favorite vegetables? Leeks/psychedelic onions, with purple sprouting broccoli.

Do you all live together? Yes. Danger diabolic’s old farm house in Federal.

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Genesis porridge.

Max tynan 2

What are you reading right now? Cool-breeze’s secret journal.

What do you like to listen to these days? Funk music. hot music. Hot yoga.

What are you working on now? My new story about a young girl who falls madly in love with the Wind. Though being the Wind (destined to travel/designed to fly) he must leave her in Sausset-le-pins… and the young girl is so sad she floods the whole world with her French tears.

Your music seems to draw from a heavy 60s influence, from an outsider’s perspective, specifically things like The Incredible String Band, July, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, what are some of your biggest inspirations? All of those girls… and Donovan. Bee Gees as well (#staylocal)

Is the video for Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest what your life looks like constantly? I kept feeling like Jane Birkin or Francoise Hardy or George Harrison was gonna pop out from behind a sunflower, which is the loveliest vibe to both hear and feel. Yes. But last week was ‘starry night’ theme. We dressed in blue robes and made it rain with doo-wop boy band choir. Francoise was in my dream once, she was just lovely.


Photo Credits to The Babe Rainbow’s Tumblr

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This is their tour


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October 5, 2015


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