It’s crazy that Amsterdam is just 45 minutes on the plane from my university in Brighton. I took a spontaneous trip with my boyfriend for a few days at the beginning of March and explored what this weird city had to offer.

I say weird because every corner you turn down the tiny winding streets and canals, you find something completely unexpected and different to where you were before. Coffee shops and the red light district are connected to an old nunnery and overbearing 17th century canal houses.

Unlike any city that I’ve visited before, Amsterdam definitely cements itself as one of the more magical.

CNV00012 CNV00014CNV00015 CNV00016 CNV00017 CNV00018 CNV00020 CNV00021 CNV00022CNV00024 CNV00023 CNV00025 CNV00026All photos taken by Laura Durechova on a disposable camera.


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March 28, 2015


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