The glowing haze of spring is upon us. Or, maybe more so upon you, if you aren’t reading this from Montreal, Quebec. Here, it’s warmed up to the negative single digits (that’s Celsius, mind you), and the snow has turned to sleet. Lucky us. But there is something hidden in the city air at this time of year, beyond the muddy, rotten smell of a city thawing out; it is something like the breath of mother nature that promises a fresh start, and the ripening sun casts bubbly magic in its radiance descending.

Spring has always been a strange time for me. I associate it with feeling hopelessly sad and inert, and am perpetually in a bad mood as a result. Plenty of people always look forward to spring, and are surprised when I tell them of my experiences with seasonal depression at this time of year. I can’t quite explain it in a way that would make sense; I suppose I just always get some sort of bad vibes from springtime. That is, until I heard this album.

Gentlefolk, in this time of spring, I present to you amiina. For all of you Sigur Rós listeners, you are in for a real treat with this album. The all-female quartet also hail from Iceland, and project beautiful, wistful sounds with their 2004 album, Kurr; perfect for this time of year.

Nothing so accurately captures the tranquil warmth of spring in an array of sound quite like this album. It is light and fresh from start to finish, yet still calm and reflective enough to bring light to the ennui, the slow thaw, the wintery plain of spring.

The group itself is just as remarkable, not only are they only women, but they are electronic music pioneers, creating unearthly sounds in innovative ways using strange materials (ex: sheets of metal with violin bows, service bells, etc.). Also, the resulting music sounds like sprightly fairies laughing in sunshine (as cheesy as that sounds).

Keep and ear out for: “Seoul”, “Rugla”, “Sexfaldur”, and “Lúpína”

Enjoy the change of seasons!

-Bee xo

March 24, 2015


OMG i listened the whole album , but the song called Glamúr really got me, thank you for sharing this , they’re awesome <3

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