Last month on the 16th, Adrienne, Laura, and I met up in Brooklyn and spent the day talking art, imperialism, books, culture, creative inspiration, and all that other fun stuff. The day began with Adrienne and I meeting up at Fulton Station in Manhattan. From there, we went to the Teen Dream art show at WAYFARERS in Bushwick. Featured at this art show were zines and artists like Coalition Zine,  Sage Adams, Lee Phillips, Amira Rosenbush, and Tyra Mitchell among other incredible and young artists and publications. From there, we headed over to the Alt Space Takeover + Noisy Kids Zine release at SIGNAL in East Williamsburg which featured work by creatives such as  Katie Yewell (the E-I-C of Noisy Kids), Zoé Lawrence, Elizabeth Sanchez, Me and You, with performances by Jimi Lucid, Pretty Slick, and Nightspace. On our way there, we discussed things like gentrification, the racial and socioeconomic politics of the art world, and the powerful era of creativity we’re living in as marginalized artists of color with shows like Teen Dream and artistic platforms like Art Hoe Collective. At the Noisy Kids Zine release, we met up with Laura, who told us about her travels from London and where she was headed creatively. All around it was a really incredible day and reminded me of the importance fostering safe, creative environments for marginalized artists and the power of visibility, especially through community. I was so inspired to be able to talk to and spend time with people like Adrienne and Laura and to be reminded that the path of life, in any field, is walked best in good company.

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May 7, 2016