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Valentines day is the perfect excuse to dish out those DIY mixtapes, whether showing your appreciation for someone, expressing your feelz to the subject of your desire or even sound tracking your Feb 14th blues. If none of the above apply to you, make yourself a comp! Be your own muse! Below, I’ve included some of my favourite songs, who’s dreamy melodies or heart-shredding crooning are absolute necessities for a Valentines tape.

1) Bluish by Animal Collective.
“Bluish” sounds like the love letter everyone wants to receive. The lyrics in this track are lovely, undecorated and honest- almost resembling the kind of words you’d expect to see scrawled in a diary, or amidst the flowery depths of the brain of someone entirely smitten. The sad, endearing tone is washed over with dreamy synths in typical ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’ style.

2) Playground Love by Air.
The hazy words of Gordon Tracks float above Air’s smooth composition of gently-played instruments to form “Playground Love”, one of the thirteen tracks by the French two-piece that accompany the 1999 Sofia Coppola directed film, ‘The Virgin Suicides’. The song fits the film’s aura thoroughly: atmospheric, ethereal and delightful. The lyrics are sweet and nostalgic, recalling the “shaking” hands and infatuation of high school relationships, and rekindling your 12 year old self’s butterflies in doing so. One of the most romantic songs ever? Probably. -Swoooon-.

3) Take Care by Beach House.
The full track-listing that constructs the dream-pop duo’s 3rd record, ‘Teen Dream’, is undeniably appropriate for a Valentines playlist: Victoria Legrand’s airy vocals and droning keys fused with Alex Scally’s guitar creates a peaceful, shadowy soundscape. “Take Care” is the final track of the album, with the rules of ‘saving the best ’til last’ seeming to apply. Legrand’s lyrics are simple but endearing, with the repeat of “I’d take care of you” echoed throughout the song.

4) True Blue by Dirty Beaches.
I once read “call your girlfriend, she misses you” in the YouTube comment section of this song, and I think that sums up the mood of the track perfectly. Dirty Beaches, the project of Alex Hungtai, channels 60s girl bands in his catchy melody and Ronettes-influenced intro but creates a twist with his hauntingly desperate and sombre lyrics. With lo-fi production, “True Blue” is echoey and murky, reflecting the bleak lyrical content and conjuring emotion. This track is dark, sentimental and utterly heart-breaking.

5) Still Together by Mac Demarco.
Mac keeps it simple by avoiding translating his words into something ambiguous and difficult to digest. Instead, he delivers his gooey thoughts as they are, in his gentle, soothing voice, complemented by only his guitar. Lyrics like “it’s easy love, fits like a glove” are undeniably basic (and debatably corny as hell) but emotion they do not lack. As the track nears an end, the listener is invited to a whole new level of personal while Mac wakes his girlfriend, “Kiki” (the topic of the majority of his lyrical content), from her nap, encouraging her to go to bed, to which she sleepily replies. Heart-warming.

6) Cornerstone by Arctic Monkeys.
Young Alex Turner with his charming Sheffield accent and swoon-worthy lyrics are enough to justify “Cornerstone”’s position on your track-list. The sad, whining guitar and soft keys enhance the melancholy feel further, wholly guaranteeing dewy eyes. Watch the music video for full soul-melting effect.

7) Prototype by Outkast.
100% essential. No justification required.

By Saf Bugel

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February 12, 2015


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